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Diane Sawyer grills Bush over the lack of WMD.

Diane Sawyer grills President Bush over the lack of WMD.
SAWYER: But stated as a hard fact, that there were weapons of mass destruction, as opposed to the possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons still --
BUSH: So what’s the difference?
posted by skallas on Dec 18, 2003 - 73 comments

Al Franken interviewed at Salon.com

Al Franken interviewed at Salon.com "O'Reilly went on his radio show and said that the purpose of the lawsuit was to punish me for coming after Fox. So this is the mindset of the right, that they have to punish you. Joe Wilson, the former Gabon ambassador, was sent to Niger by the CIA and came back and said the uranium claims weren't true. And when the controversy started broiling again about the 16 words in the State of the Union address and Wilson wrote the piece in New York Times, senior administration officials blew the cover on his wife, who was a covert [CIA] operative. And it jeopardized the lives not only of her contacts but every American, because she was a covert agent in weapons of mass destruction. And it's a way of intimidating other analysts who might come forward, and there's a parallel here: You will be punished if you come after us. I really think the Wilson thing is the most disgraceful action of any White House since Iran Contra. "
posted by skallas on Aug 27, 2003 - 85 comments

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