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“The Pixar of human rights stories”

In March 2012, a human rights organization’s documentary about a central African despot became the most viral video of all time, and the ensuing furor resulted in its leader’s bizarre public meltdown. On the second anniversary of the phenomenon, everyone involved is still figuring out what it all means.
--Two Years After KONY 2012, Has Invisible Children Grown Up?
posted by almostmanda on Sep 15, 2015 - 9 comments

The White Savior Industrial Complex

"From Sachs to Kristof to Invisible Children to TED, the fastest growth industry in the US is the White Savior Industrial Complex." (Teju Cole, The Atlantic)
posted by naju on Mar 21, 2012 - 93 comments

Invisible Children

Kony 2012... The "Invisible Children" movement, a primarily university student effort in opposition to Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army's kidnapping of children, has produced this video to make 2012 the year that marks the end of his utilization of children to maintain his power. This is a moving 27 minute film.
posted by HuronBob on Mar 6, 2012 - 187 comments

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