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Rembrandt in White

The Art of Ironing is, primarily, a Russian advertisement for steam irons, however it is also a remarkable demonstration of recreating art from unusual materials; in this case, a simple white piece of cloth.
posted by quin on Nov 26, 2012 - 11 comments

How to Iron a Shirt

How to iron a shirt. Everything is cooler in Japan. [more inside]
posted by chunking express on Mar 11, 2010 - 97 comments

Inflation is a Good Thing

An Airdancer is an advertising gimmick that consists of a fabric tube inflated by a high power fan. Airdancers come in a huge variety of shapes and styles, and lend themselves to parody. Taking the concept more seriously though is the Tubie, and innovative ironing system whose website includes unique instructional videos.
posted by Tube on Apr 14, 2008 - 33 comments

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing! Climb that mountain, then have a nicely pressed shirt for on the way down!
posted by qDot on Dec 12, 2004 - 12 comments

Extreme Ironing!

New Wrinkles For an Age Old Chore ... A new sport is sweeping the world. It's an outdoor activity that combines the excitement of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of a freshly ironed shirt. It's only requirements: an iron, board and some laundry ... and ropes, harnesses, helmets, boyancy aids, parachutes etc .... Invented in 1997 by Philip Shaw from from Leicester, England, chapters are popping up all over and under. (From a WSJ article quoted here.)
posted by Jos Bleau on Oct 2, 2003 - 0 comments


Paranoid? Then iron your mail if you're that scared of getting Anthrax.
posted by kingmissile on Oct 17, 2001 - 13 comments

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