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So smart it's stupid

Unbrella is everything bad about umbrellas, improved. Once you see its innovations (dry side out when closed, water repelled away from you as you close it, stands on its own) you'll wonder like I did why no one thought of this decades ago. [more inside]
posted by mathowie on Dec 5, 2013 - 53 comments

amazing costumes

There are an amazing bunch of costumes available at this japanese site. Some of the best are the godzilla, clown, and werewolf. The masks and wigs aren't bad either [via misterpants]
posted by mathowie on Feb 20, 2004 - 12 comments

2tricked out japanese trucks

2fast, 2furious, 2...something. This gallery of tricked-out Japanese big rigs defies description.
posted by mathowie on Jun 9, 2003 - 40 comments

Odd website of the day: Kween.

Odd website of the day: Kween. Kween is a Queen tribute band, but not just any tribute band, they're "Japan's Best Queen Cover Band" (Best? You mean there are others?). They've certainly got the look and a pretty good sound. The photos of the band in action are amazing. You better catch them soon though, as they're breaking up on the 10 year anniversary of Freddy Mercury's passing.
posted by mathowie on Nov 19, 2000 - 4 comments

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