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A History of Disrespect?

As Harvey Weinstein decides American audiences aren't smart enough for Snowpiercer, Daily Grindhouse writer Ric Meyers takes a poke at The Weinstein Company's troubled history with Asian Cinema.
posted by Artw on Aug 7, 2013 - 40 comments

Speaking of famous people and religion,

Speaking of famous people and religion, Jet Li talks about religion, and his views on them.
"...upon closer inspection, the underlying heart and central principle in every religion is the same. Every religion boils down to love, to a respect for all living things, to choosing peace over violence as a means of resolving a conflict."
posted by jcterminal on Sep 29, 2001 - 13 comments

Some give Jet Li a round of applause:

Some give Jet Li a round of applause: In a gesture uncommon for any Hollywood player, martial arts master and action hero Jet Li asked fans not to bring their young children to see his upcoming feature "Kiss of the Dragon." The 38-year-old Chinese star wrote on his Web site (JetLi.com) that the R-rated film is "an adult movie and deals with adult themes," with action sequences geared towards an adult audience. "The movie utilizes very realistic, hard-core, action-packed fight sequences. I'm very proud of the final result and hope that my fans enjoy the movie, however, this is a movie that I do not feel is appropriate for children," Li wrote. "

heh, that's enough to justify me forking over my $5.50 over to Jet Li.
posted by adnan on Jun 24, 2001 - 28 comments


Jet-Li...as Boba Fett? How weird. I really don't think he's going to take it though. It would be interesting if he did.
posted by Cavatica on Feb 23, 2000 - 0 comments

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