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Charles Ain't No Longer in Charge

1980s sitcom actor Scott Baio (who considers himself a 'Conservative' and a Constitutionalist'), along with his wife, has sparked an awkward battle with the website Jezebel. "Earlier this month, Mr. Charles in Charge released unto the interwebs a right-leaning tweet about finishing his taxes. Amused, the good ladies over at Jezebel included his missive in their daily roundup of ridiculous things celebrities say (in 140 characters or less). So far, so good, right? Wrong. You see, Jezebel did not include all the self-serving positive messages Baio sent out, and that, it appears, caused an irreparable rift in the Facebook-Twitter continuum. Enter wife Renee Baio..." [more inside]
posted by ericb on Apr 21, 2010 - 221 comments


Jezebel.com editor on why she hasn't been raped: "I think it has to do with the fact that I'm like smart. I don't hang around with frat guys" -- a quote from Jezebelism: Lizz Winstead's interview with Moe Tkacik and Tracie Egan (aka Slut Machine). Winstead's intent was "to have a conversation about Hillary and sexism, women’s magazines and if they feel any obligation to write about responsibility and safety when they write graphically about their sex lives." After the interview Winstead stated: "I don’t know if they came to the show drunk, or just ended up drunk by the time they hit the stage, but what I do know is that the discussion that ensued was deeply disturbing to me..." [more inside]
posted by ericb on Jul 6, 2008 - 181 comments

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