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Tchaikovsky Timelapse

Tchaikovsky Timelapse manually snapped frames in-between the frames the animator intended to use, in order to capture the animation process in action. Not sure if the actual time-lapse has been released, but more on the elaborate production of it is available here.
posted by gman on May 13, 2012 - 14 comments

Textads: A 'valiant, laudable, righteous – and pointless – idea'?

Textads: A 'valiant, laudable, righteous – and pointless – idea'? Uh oh! Metafilter, BlogSnob and chums come up for a slating in this biting commentary by everyone's favourite content consultant, Joe Clark. Are textads 'the new link exchange'?
posted by wackybrit on Jan 11, 2002 - 43 comments

Atlantic Monthly has dubbed Joe Clark "the king of closed captions" for 25 years of volunteer work to improve the quality of captioned TV programming and other accessible media. Who else on MetaFilter has a double life as an altruistic hobbyist?
posted by rcade on Aug 24, 2001 - 4 comments

ISSNs for your blog?

ISSNs for your blog? Joe Clark looks at the process, and urges authors to sign up, which puts your blog officially in the worldwide standardized encyclopedia of periodicals. It sounds like a good idea, and could help people using the periodical databases for research, since many blogs cover the same things magazines do.
posted by mathowie on Nov 25, 2000 - 7 comments


Joe Clark (a fellow Torontonian, no less) has provided food for thought in his "Deconstructing 'You've Got Blog'" screed. While Joe scores some valid points, I think he misses the mark in a few major ways. In the process, he comes across as cynical, and a bit wounded, too. [more inside]
posted by jmcnally on Nov 14, 2000 - 44 comments

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