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bell hooks talks to John Perry Barlow

bell hooks [iconoclastic feminist, leading African-American intellectual, progressive Buddhist, self-proclaimed homebody] and John Perry Barlow [cyber philosopher, retired cattle rancher, world traveler, Grateful Dead lyricist, self-proclaimed Republican, EFF founder] have a conversation in the September 1995 issue of Shambhala Sun.
posted by Elementary Penguin on Mar 19, 2015 - 8 comments

World Social Forum open source software gathering

Pushing the open source agenda to the international stage. Brazilian Pop superstar / Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, Grateful dead lyricist John Barlow and others participated yesterday in a World Social Forum gathering in Alegre, Brazil to urge a free open source software policy in the developing world. An open source constitutional discussed previously on metafilter here.
posted by tidecat on Jan 31, 2005 - 26 comments

Dick Cheney has the answer.

How does one assure global stability in a world where there is only one strong power? John Perry Barlow (previously mentioned here) thinks Dick Cheney has the answer.
posted by ashbury on Feb 26, 2003 - 54 comments


Wired has an interesting interview this month with David Boies, chief counsel for Napster and DOJ vs. MS (unfortunately, this link just points to the fact that the content won't be online until 10.10. With the debate about Napster everywhere (including september 16th below), I thought it helped to clarify exactly what Napster's position is. I thought John Perry Barlow's (EFF) essay was helpful as well.
posted by Sean Meade on Sep 18, 2000 - 1 comment

Considering Copyright

Considering Copyright Mr. Powazek brings up a very good point about copyright and how it applies to web design vs. John Perry Barlow's idea's about how copyright applies to the future. From the tone of Derek's last few posts, I'd say someone's been ripping off his designs...again.
posted by Brilliantcrank on Sep 12, 2000 - 34 comments

John Perry Barlow

John Perry Barlow tries to grapple with the Napster thang, with his usual interesting writing. A buried revelation: Bands are only getting about 5% of retail, rather than the 10% I thought.
posted by aurelian on Jun 2, 2000 - 1 comment

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