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The Dude Abides

Coen Kōans: A koan study in the wisdom of The Big Lebowski.
posted by carsonb on Jul 15, 2008 - 36 comments

In clapping both hands a sound is heard: what is the sound of the one hand?

What is the sound of one hand clapping? An interesting excerpt from The Sound of the One Hand: 281 Zen Koans With Answers that involves a dialogue between the master and the student that answers this koan. (I suppose this could technically be considered a spoiler.)
posted by antifreez_ on Dec 3, 2003 - 30 comments

This little dyscordian koan came out of my desert at lunch. I thought perhaps Google could shed some truth on it. I found it among truly bizarre fortunes, I found it among humorous fortunes. I even found out it was the Fortune Cookie of the Week for December 14, 1998. But I can't for the life of me figure out what it means, or where the original saying might have originated from. A fortune cookie meme-mystery!
posted by bclark on May 3, 2002 - 15 comments

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