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The Dark Side of the Rainbow

The Synchronicity Archives includes the well known synchronization of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with a viewing of The Wizard of Oz, as well as other entertaining combinations. Has anyone tried Led Zeppelin and Lord of the Rings ?
posted by mecran01 on Jul 9, 2003 - 21 comments

Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour.

Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour. Collectively 168 years old, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and best-Who-guitarist-ever Jimmy Page (Warning: Geocities link, but so worth it, dude) have buried the hatchet and agreed to tour. Their collective age is 168. They will be joined by Jason, son of John. No news on reunion plans for The Firm.
If you haven't heard of Led Zeppelin, you can learn more about them in this FPP from last week.
posted by Joey Michaels on Oct 16, 2002 - 33 comments

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