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Subpolar Express

The Canadian Pacific Christmas Train is a rolling holiday party for a cause. Two beautifully lit trains - on a US Route and a Canada route - cruise through the Midwest, stopping in 150 towns along the way to present live music and light shows while bringing donations of cash and food to local food banks.
posted by Miko on Dec 6, 2015 - 26 comments

It's like Uber for Willy Wonka boat rides.

WikiTravel calls The Shanghai Sightseeing Tunnel "A slow-moving tram, through a comically low-tech tunnel of antiquated 80's era rope lights, lasers and car dealership ilk inflatables." YMMV. [SLYT, lots of blinking lights]
posted by Room 641-A on Nov 29, 2015 - 30 comments


In real time: the Northern Lights over Tromsø, Norway, earlier this month. Also on Vimeo.
posted by Wordshore on Oct 11, 2015 - 13 comments

The City's shiny new toy.

San Francisco City Hall peacocks for its birthday (SLYT) in front of tens of thousands, including the US Conference of Mayors. The projection system will be a permanent donation, complimenting its elaborate LED lighting, used to celebrate holidays, Pride Month, sports victories, etc. The building was completed in time for 1915's Panama Pacific Exposition, and features the 5th largest classical dome in the world, surpassing the US Capitol. A retrofit made it the world's largest base-isolated building, while the grand dome was restored with $500,000 worth of gold foil. The new lighting, combined with the Bay Lights and other projects, have prompted discussion about creating an annual festival of lights.
posted by markkraft on Jun 20, 2015 - 11 comments

"the means, and the proper means, of fulfilling our destiny..."

"Vivid Sydney is an 18 day festival of light, music and ideas bringing Australia's Emerald City to life as winter approaches. This year Vivid began on 22 May and finishes on 8 June. Just for once, I'll let my camera do the talking..." Example of a light show on the Customs House (YouTube, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary). [more inside]
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome on May 29, 2015 - 5 comments

Christmas? Bah, humbug!

There's a slight problem with Brighton's Christmas Lights. (SLV, Probably NSFW)
posted by PeterMcDermott on Dec 22, 2013 - 27 comments

Layin' Near the Lights

Byegone is a lovely, minimal music video by Michinori Saigo, from the new record Repave by Justin Vernon and Collections of Colonies of Bees collaboration Volcano Choir.
posted by Lutoslawski on Sep 3, 2013 - 1 comment

Maybe next year.

"The Festival of Lights is an annual event taking place in Lyon between 8th and 11th December 2010. The people of Lyon place candles or little candle lamps in their windows in honour of the Virgin Mary. The origins of the festival date back over 150 years, to 1852 when a statue of the Virgin Mary on Fourviere Hill was to be inaugurated."
posted by IndigoJones on Dec 14, 2010 - 5 comments

Traumatising your neighbour's kids since October 2010

A friendly Halloween warning: do not go trick or treating at this badass house [SLYT]
posted by marmaduke_yaverland on Oct 31, 2010 - 31 comments

Well, I'll eat my hat.

Town in England turns off traffic lights, surprising results.
posted by heatherann on Oct 15, 2010 - 77 comments

Because I Can Save on My Power Bill Now

Earlier this summer, a little-known '80s singer named R.P. Astley, responsible for a few blips on the radar such as "Eternally Conjoined" and "Under No Circumstances Will I Ever Release You" (the latter of which created a brief meme in which one would "PaulTumble" one's friends by pretending to point them to the video, but instead sending them to something quite interesting and novel instead) has released *fist clench, drawing-in gesture aimed at camera* a new track, "Lights Out," his first new song in 17 years *hand gesture at camera*. [more inside]
posted by WCityMike on Sep 9, 2010 - 89 comments

Teach me to meet my desires with some grace...

Interpol have a new, self-titled album coming out September 7 (the 13th in the UK). Hey, guess what! It sounds like Interpol, so this is the kind of thing you will like, if you like this kind of thing. "Lights" (and here in HD) already has me imagining doing a thousand-yard stare out of a bus window on a cold, late November night. The second video, "Barricade" is here (and here in HD).
posted by jackrational on Aug 30, 2010 - 43 comments

"All that is visible must grow beyond itself, and extend into the realm of the invisible."

Cyglo Tires Will Help You Live Out Your Light Cycle Fantasy. Just in time for the release of Tron: Legacy, a British firm is gearing up to release a bicycle tire embedded with LED bulbs. While these lighted rubber tubes won’t lay down trails for your opponents to crash into, they may very well keep you safe. Cyglo tires are intended to create a highly visible ring of light to maximize cyclists’ visibility on busy roads. No pricing has been set yet, but we understand that the flying disc to destroy MCP will be sold separately. Watch Cyglo in motion.
posted by Fizz on Aug 13, 2010 - 58 comments

mit blinkenlights - PLC installations across Europe

Achtung! Alles Turisten, Teknischen Und Nonteknischen Lookenpeepers! Relaxen Und Watschen Der Blinkenlichten!
  • Projekt PIWO (Poland): video
  • Mikontalo Lights (Finland): video
  • Schönherz Matrix (Hungary)
  • Project Blinkenlights (Germany, France, Canada...) (previously)

  • posted by zamboni on May 20, 2010 - 8 comments

    Does what it says on the tin.

    Tesla Christmas Tree.
    posted by You Should See the Other Guy on Dec 24, 2009 - 12 comments

    Bizarre Lights over Norway

    Last night, northern Norway was treated to a bizarre, spiral-shaped show of light. [more photos, Norwegian] [more inside]
    posted by dunkadunc on Dec 9, 2009 - 75 comments

    The films of Jam Handy

    Back of the Mike | Around the Corner | Behind the Bright Lights | Sky Billboards | Just a Spark [more inside]
    posted by Upton O'Good on Aug 9, 2009 - 6 comments


    Lights. A new escape-the-room flash game from Neutral, the creator of Switch, Sphere, RGB, & Vision. [more inside]
    posted by juv3nal on Jun 2, 2009 - 20 comments

    We are encased in a world of light and cloud

    Photos of shadows in the clouds over Austin. via bldgblog
    posted by signal on Jan 17, 2009 - 24 comments

    Not just another ghost story

    Its Fall and a perfect time to make a road trip. Its more than just a hip movie location, Marfa, Texas is home to bizarre food options and of course the world famous Mystery Lights.
    posted by shockingbluamp on Oct 4, 2008 - 16 comments

    Project Blinkenlights Toronto: Stereoscope

    Remote control Toronto's City Hall by iPhone during Octobre 4th Nuit blanche. Project Blinkenlights will again transform a huge building into a computer display. This time 960 windows of Toronto's City Hall. Everybody can submit animations to be shown and there will be client programms for iPhone and OSX to receive the signal and interact with the installation. Watch the previous installations in Berlin [Mefi thread] and Paris [Mefi thread] on Google Video.
    posted by meikel on Sep 23, 2008 - 16 comments

    Ice and Lights

    Anthony Powell is a photographer based in Antarctica. In addition to his photography, he's shot some excellent time-lapse video of the Southern Lights and a Day in the Life of Antarctica.
    posted by KevinSkomsvold on Jun 28, 2008 - 6 comments

    Earthquake lights

    Until recently, earthquake lights were folklore. It wasn't until the phenomenon was captured in photographs, taken during the Matsushiro earthquake swarm in Japan between 1965 and 1967, that the seismological community acknowledged their occurrence. The precise mechanism is unknown. A stunning example was captured on video thirty minutes prior to the Sichuan earthquake.
    posted by Pater Aletheias on May 20, 2008 - 66 comments

    Ten Years in Jail for Selling Lightbulbs

    Ten Years in Jail for Selling Lightbulbs
    posted by lalochezia on Mar 6, 2008 - 91 comments

    Robot High School

    Bloody balls! Make sure to stick around for the surprise ending. [more inside]
    posted by nangsta on Jan 30, 2008 - 14 comments

    Tacky Christmas Yards. REALLY Tacky.

    tacky christmas yards dot com is exactly what it sounds like. [via]
    posted by dersins on Dec 18, 2007 - 45 comments

    Google Maps and Earth Lights

    We've seen that one picture of earth at night. And we all know what Google Earth is. But someone has put the two together. Be sure to check out the map overlays, including the dusk map.
    posted by philomathoholic on Aug 30, 2007 - 33 comments

    "Pay no attention to the shameless hussy on the bicycle."

    This web site details how to construct a high performance bicycle lighting system. Also contains information on bells, horns, dynamo powered lights, and other safety devices (Warning! This site contains a small fair amount of nudity!)
    posted by furtive on Jul 17, 2007 - 19 comments

    Happy Diwali

    The Festival of Lights, Good vs. Evil Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights that falls each year in October or November. This year, Diwali is on the 21st of October 2006. Legends about Diwali are many, from the story of Prince Prahlad, immortal in his faith in the universe to the story of Ram and Sita returning from exile to Ayodhya. My favourite is not a story so much as a snippet of what is actually said to happen tonight, not the mythology behind it. Lakshmi walks tonight, she is the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, and lamps [diya or deep] are lit and placed at hearths and entrances so as to help her find her way. Accompanying her is the elephant headed one, Ganesh, the remover of obstacles and giver of knowledge. Just welcome them into your home.
    posted by infini on Oct 21, 2006 - 22 comments

    Martian Tire Tracks

    Hi, mom ! Mars Orbiter takes a picture of Mars Rover on the lip of Victoria Crater with the HiRISE camera.
    posted by y2karl on Oct 7, 2006 - 20 comments

    Jugglin Xmas Monkeys

    Have yourself an Ugly Little Christmas! Cause nuttin' says Christmas like Juggling Monkeys.
    posted by Secret Life of Gravy on Dec 24, 2005 - 8 comments

    NY City Lights Competition

    Wanted: New New York Street Lights. NYC organizes an international competition for new streetlight designs. (Those of you wishing to skip the Flash title and the framed navigation, go straight to the meat.) I have a request: lights that help minimize light pollution. (NYC Competition link via Veer Ideas.)
    posted by brownpau on Mar 3, 2004 - 7 comments

    NYC Lights Design Competition

    New York City Lights Design Competition (via Gothamist). What are the existing examples of urban illumination that impress? Are there unused designs or interesting ideas from art and movies floating around?
    posted by liam on Jan 6, 2004 - 13 comments

    Old Christmas Tree Lights

    Another "magnificent obsession" site, seasonally spiced: oldchristmaslights.com is a huge attic space, packed to the rafters with illuminating images and information; history and pre-history, manufacturer backgrounds, timeline, patents, vintage advertising, trivia - it's all here, plus a "Light Set Gallery" and more. Plug in and enjoy.
    posted by taz on Dec 7, 2002 - 23 comments


    Graffiti with lights, long exposures and a bunch of cameras. ...beautiful stuff.
    posted by tomplus2 on May 14, 2002 - 9 comments


    northern-lights is a site dedicated to the Aurora Borealis- the science behind it, lights-spotting, forecasts and historical interpretations. If you live in North America and don't want to miss it, take advantage of the Aurora Alarm, thanks to Mark Haun and his skywatching friends.
    posted by kahboom on Dec 27, 2001 - 4 comments

    Blinken Lights

    Blinken Lights the world's biggest interactive computer display, a special 20th anniversary present to itself and the city of Berlin by the Chaos Computer Club. Since Sept 12, 2001, the upper eight floors of the famous "Haus des Lehrers" (house of the teacher) have been transformed in to a huge display by arranging 144 lamps behind each of the windows. A computer controls each of the lamps independently to produce a monochrome matrix of 18 times 8 pixels. The icing on the cake, you can play pong on it via your mobile phone!
    posted by riffola on Dec 10, 2001 - 9 comments

    I hope you'll consider participating in the "Roll Your Own" Blackout tonight. Just shut off all the lights and appliances that you (reasonably and safely) can between seven and ten p.m. your time.
    posted by sudama on Jun 21, 2001 - 49 comments

    Let Jesus bring light into your life.

    Let Jesus bring light into your life. No, I mean, literally. Mary, too.

    Or just get a tree and be done with it.
    posted by jason on Dec 22, 2000 - 2 comments

    The World at Night. This amazing image (warning 500K) is actually a composite of hundreds of pictures made by the orbiting DMSP satellites over regions of the world at night. You can clearly see the Nile river, Hong Kong, Hawaii and probably, if you look close enough, the town you are in right now. From Astronomy Picture of the Day
    posted by lagado on Nov 27, 2000 - 18 comments

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