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I Brought You Some Coffee! Is It ... Boiling Hot?

On a Friday in the waning months of the 20th century, a Macromedia employee was getting ready to meet with the creator of Beavis & Butthead the next Monday to demonstrate Flash v.4's new feature, synchronized audio tracks – a feature he needed to learn over the weekend. So he put together the simplest model he could: a floating skull sans lips, tongue or physique. The meeting was postponed, so the employee continued to spitshine the animation and put it on his website. His friends e-mailed their friends, and soon, everyone met a heavy-metal animated floating skull demon and his adorable little devil pal. Sparks had created Radiskull, who will kill you one by one. (Atom) [more inside]
posted by MikeHarris on Dec 22, 2009 - 38 comments

Microsoft Expression

Designing With Microsoft? Evidently this is Microsoft's attempt at competition with 'Macrodobe', the strange, hybrid beast (lumbering?) that is the combined Macromedia/Adobe merger. Microsoft has launched a full suite of products taking aim at Dreamweaver, (is it better?) Illustrator-Photoshop and Flash. For many designers who pretend to be developers (or vica versa) Microsoft's new "Expression" will be 3 or 4 orders of magnitude less relevant than that old Corel Suite. The central issue seems to be one of credibility: Can Microsoft escape the seemingly permanent "FrontPage" stigma, not to mention even more recent design community letdowns?
posted by thisisdrew on Jan 23, 2007 - 101 comments

Open Source Flash

Open Source Flash
posted by Tlogmer on Aug 15, 2005 - 3 comments

Adobe to buy Macromedia

Adobe to buy Macromedia I almost choked when I saw this press release, Adobe is going to buy out Macromedia for $3.4 billion in stock. Adobe is paying about $9 over the current share price, which means the investors will make out nicely. With the two largest design software companies becoming one, the new Adobe will be a monopoly (if it isn't already with Photoshop). I just hope they remove the ability to make really annoying Flash movies...
posted by jonknee on Apr 18, 2005 - 92 comments

What software version numbers really mean

What software version numbers really mean. Not sure who started the latest trend of dropping version numbers from software. We could always blame Microsoft with Windows ME . But Macromedia is at fault too with the whole MX thing. And MX doesn't even stand for anything. Now Adobe is getting into the mix. There will be no Photoshop 8 or Illustrator 11. Just CS . So is this a good thing? Version numbers may not be exciting but it sure did make it easy to keep track of the latest upgrade.
posted by jeremias on Sep 29, 2003 - 42 comments

Get Your Flash On

Macromedia Flash Player 7 for your Web browser is now available for a platform near you. ...Upgrade at your own discretion.
posted by Down10 on Sep 10, 2003 - 36 comments

The Right to Flash Petition

The Right to Flash is an online petition for Macromedia to properly support Arabic and Hebrew languages which read from right-to-left.
posted by hobbes on Jul 21, 2003 - 24 comments

Not so Flashy

Users don't like a lot of Flash - Looks like Macromedia's new Web site redesign that utilizes all Flash for its navigation isn't winning any awards with users, especially those running Opera and Apple's Safari browsers. It's nice looking, but I prefer a simpler design like here MetaFilter.
posted by MediaMan on Mar 11, 2003 - 53 comments

Gallery of neat Flash experiments--soon to include source code. I like this one, and the portrait of his dad is creepy. Also on the site, a gallery of free images.
posted by Fabulon7 on Nov 1, 2002 - 12 comments

Adobe has won

Adobe has won 2.8 million from Macromedia for "patent infringements." Apparently Macromedia may be forced to pull Flash MX from their product line. As an avid Flash-developer I am personally affected. Is there something that we can do about this?
posted by banished on May 3, 2002 - 24 comments

What does MX stand for?

What does MX stand for? It doesn't say, but Macromedia, launched a huge new strategy today to integrate all of its software properties. Very smart, and perhaps too late?
posted by boardman on Apr 29, 2002 - 18 comments

Ever since installing the latest version of the Flash Player, I've been having problems with the sound continuing if I exit the movie, or close the browser window, until I completely kill the program by closing ALL open browser windows. Well, the problem has been formally acknowledged, though Macromedia is being weird about doing something about it.
posted by Su on Apr 3, 2002 - 22 comments

Flash MX unveiled.

Flash MX unveiled. Here are the top 10 new features.
posted by ludicdruid on Mar 4, 2002 - 48 comments

Flash Player 6 Beta

Flash Player 6 Beta .... need I say more.
posted by MintSauce on Feb 1, 2002 - 10 comments

Macromedia claims it owns Adobe patent

Macromedia claims it owns Adobe patent "Software-maker Macromedia Inc. is claiming it owns the patent to Adobe Systems Inc.'s popular Photoshop program, according to a suit filed in federal court Friday." Macromedia is alleging that in 1998 it patented technology used by Photoshop. Couldn't this only be web-based technology, since Photoshop was around long before 1998?
posted by kirkaracha on Oct 19, 2001 - 8 comments

Rude Software Installation

Rude Software Installation I clicked on a link that needed Shockwave 8.5 installed. Silly me, I said okay. After the download, the installation program nicely closed all of my open IE windows without first asking, creating a splendid loss of work for me!! Thanks Macromedia!! I'm now going to be on the lookout... What other software programs act rudely, creating defaults, shutting down your browser windows, or assigning themselves to extensions without first asking?
posted by yarf on Aug 29, 2001 - 36 comments

Macromedia and Alliaire to Merge....

Macromedia and Alliaire to Merge.... Linking the power of Coldfusion, Homesite, along with Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Seems interesting.
posted by Cavatica on Jan 18, 2001 - 3 comments

Not as sexy as the AOL/Warner combo, but... Macromedia and Allaire to merge.
posted by gluechunk on Jan 16, 2001 - 21 comments

Macromedia Purchases Clue

Macromedia Purchases Clue
Looks like the folks at Macromedia have finally come around to the fact that Flash is getting a really bad usability rap. They have launched a token usability section on their site. I thought the four sites they picked as 'Usability examples' were very telling of their understanding of the issues. [via Flazoom]
posted by DragonBoy on Nov 26, 2000 - 2 comments

Macromedia to Adobe: "Oh yeah? Take that!"

Macromedia to Adobe: "Oh yeah? Take that!" Macromedia counters Adobe's lawsuit with a few claims of its own.
posted by hijinx on Sep 28, 2000 - 5 comments

Adobe sues Macromedia over infringement of their patented tabbed palettes.

Adobe sues Macromedia over infringement of their patented tabbed palettes.
"Adobe filed a lawsuit against Macromedia® alleging infringement of our intellectual property, specifically our patented tabbed palette, which is a key user interface element and method invented by Adobe and incorporated into our products."
posted by captaincursor on Aug 10, 2000 - 15 comments

Flash 5!

Flash 5! Tasty and delectable new features including HTML TEXT! I can't wait!
posted by wiremommy on Jul 24, 2000 - 4 comments

I got my copy of Dreamweaver UltraDev

I got my copy of Dreamweaver UltraDev today, it shipped with a copy of Cold Fusion Enterprise Server and IBM Websphere Application Server (and yes, they snuck a site redesign in there too).
posted by Dean_Paxton on Jun 15, 2000 - 2 comments

Is this cool? Or do I just want too much?

Is this cool? Or do I just want too much? A happy marriage between my geek self and my designer/writer self? Is it possible? Is Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultradev the answer?
posted by tranquileye on May 10, 2000 - 13 comments

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