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The New MediaNews

Jim Romenesko gets a facelift. So far, the feedback for the site's new look has been overwhelmingly negative. Blech, says one AP reporter. It will get better, says a New York Post columnist. What say you?
posted by Ljubljana on Nov 16, 2002 - 24 comments

Is This Ad Racist?

Is This Ad Racist? Conservative writer David Horowitz has stirred up trouble on three college campuses to date with a 10-point ad refuting demands for slavery reparations. First, UC-Berkley's student newspaper actually backed down after running the ad, as did UC-Davis, while the conservative Badger Herald in Wisconsin stood firm. I'm no conservative, but I don't think the article is racist at all. It's a reasoned argument, and one I happen to agree with. Is this a case of the PC student left run amok, or am I missing something? Via Medianews.
posted by darren on Mar 7, 2001 - 62 comments

Salon Kvetch-o-Rama

Salon Kvetch-o-Rama I admire Jim Romenesko and his now-famous Medianews site. Tremendous conciseness, relevancy, good taste, apt use of <B>. (Glowing article in New York not online. Spectacular accompanying photograph. In effect, Jim is paid $80,000 annually to blog for a living.) Jim actually covers the Salon redesign of recent infamy (here), and mentions it en passant on his homepage. I had alerted Jim to our discussion here, but it looks as like Medianews and Metafilter are parallel universes on this. I wonder if combining discussions would make sense here and elsewhere. (Was that less than 500 words?)
posted by joeclark on May 25, 2000 - 3 comments

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