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Costco: "It's a water-cooler conversation company."

Costco Wholesale, or just 'Costco', is a membership warehouse store and the second largest retailer in the United States. Here are some notable blogs, fan communities, articles and commentary (mostly U.S.-centric). [more inside]
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome on Jul 3, 2014 - 175 comments

Costco has you figured out.

The Costco Craze is a documentary that will air April 26, 2012 on CNBC. [more inside]
posted by caryatid on Apr 26, 2012 - 178 comments

Charles Martel smote in vain?

Turkey Rhubarb in the Low Countries. Since there's nothing interesting going on here in the US right now, let's enjoy a moment of EU fun. (y2-length post inside).
posted by jfuller on Oct 3, 2004 - 27 comments

Rusty gets it right

K5 membership willl now require new users to be sponsered by current users. Rusty's implementing this system as a way to deal with trolls and crap flooders who have taken over K5 in recent months.
posted by tiamat on Mar 25, 2004 - 80 comments

Club Mentality

Does Belonging To A Club Make Sense In The 21st Century? Why, then, are they proliferating? And with free membership, already! Will the clubbish mentality, like the poor, always be with us? Is it still birds of a feather or just "anything goes"; an excuse; a lame post-modern irony taken far too far? Is "exclusive" still acceptable? Does it, in fact, still exist? Come to think of it, is MetaFilter a club of sorts?
posted by MiguelCardoso on Aug 6, 2003 - 34 comments

UN Membership for Palestine — Now

UN Membership for Palestine — Now! John V. Whitbeck thinks the time is now for Palestine to apply for full United Nations membership. His argument is persuasive, and tasty fodder for a steaming mefi buffet.
posted by giantkicks on Apr 6, 2003 - 15 comments

Augusta National defends its membership polcies

Augusta National defends its membership polcies in the face of opposition from the National Council of Women's Organizations. Augusta is the annual host of the Masters and does not count any women among its 300 members. Does the NCWO have any business telling a private organization how it should structure its membership?
posted by dayvin on Jul 10, 2002 - 22 comments

Napster takes first steps

Napster takes first steps in trying to appease the RIAA, and specifically BMG. To me this approach is the stupidest thing Napster could have done. Who would want to pay a membership fee to use Napster if one can't even burn the files onto a cd?
posted by JFunk2800 on Feb 21, 2001 - 1 comment

I got in!!!

I got in!!! Remember that link to Quintessentially a few weeks back? Well, after countless hours of anxious waiting, I finally received my acceptance letter (the complete text of which is inside). At last, I can enjoy the finer things in life - it'll only cost me $600 a year .
posted by aladfar on Dec 14, 2000 - 9 comments

Quintessentially.com is the most horrifying thing I have seen for a long time. It’s a members-only club for the Tatler-reading classes – people for whom the Sunday Times is a serious newspaper. Dare you delve into the invidious ‘benefits’ conferred by membership of this club (‘Quintessentially members will have very special treatment’!), or gaze upon the faces of the well-heeled sloanes and berties behind it?
posted by Mocata on Dec 4, 2000 - 35 comments

Woohoo Metafilter!

Woohoo Metafilter! 1000 members and counting! Long live The Haughey!
posted by Neale on May 30, 2000 - 14 comments

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