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The Most Bad-Ass President EVER!!!

George Washington once threw a knife into heaven, and other little-known facts about our first (and pimpest) President. (Link goes to an NSFW YouTube video, because George Washington doesn't care about your petty little workplace rules.) This important fact-filled documentary was created by comic book artist Brad Neely, also known for Wizard People, Dear Readers, his unauthorized soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
posted by yankeefog on Jun 6, 2006 - 25 comments

Warning: Video May Be Manicly Energetic And Irresistibly Cute

The J Marimba Ponies have performed at Carnegie Hall, as well as in concert halls from Vienna to Japan. Even more impressive, the oldest member of the group is 12, and the youngest is 4 years old. Musical prodigies or novelty act? See them play Khachaturian's Sabre Dance (Coral link to Quicktime video) and judge for yourself. Via Music for Maniacs. Previously mentioned on MeFi but worth its own thread.
posted by yankeefog on Mar 18, 2006 - 16 comments

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