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Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for neutrino oscillations

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics Takaaki Kajita of Japan and Arthur B. McDonald of Canada share the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in neutrino oscillations ("metamorphosis in neutrinos" in the press release), in which neutrinos switch flavors as it propagates through space. The finding has a large impact on the standard model, as it requires neutrinos to have non-zero mass.
posted by oheso on Oct 6, 2015 - 22 comments

Neutrino and meson breakthroughs

While perhaps not quite as errm climactic as yesterday's news of pitch dripping in Trinity College, physics news dripping out of Stockholm reveals that
  • The Super Kamiokande T2K group has verified with great certainty that neutrinos oscillate among 3 flavors in flight (which could help explain what happened to the antimatter in the universe), and
  • CERN has used the LHC to measure the decay time of the rare B sub s meson, ending a 25-year search.

  • posted by Twang on Jul 20, 2013 - 9 comments

    and that's how science gets done

    Today the Icarus Experiment released their measurement on the speed of neutrinos from CERN. Within small errors, they find them to be traveling at the speed of light, in accordance with the theory of relativity. [more inside]
    posted by physicsmatt on Mar 16, 2012 - 45 comments

    Neutrinos: Still not quite superluminal

    Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in? Last year's faster-than-light neutrino observation may be explained by a loose connection between a GPS unit and a computer. [more inside]
    posted by 0xFCAF on Feb 22, 2012 - 64 comments

    Hyperlight Nutrinos Take 2

    Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result "The team which found that neutrinos may travel faster than light has carried out an improved version of their experiment - and confirmed the result." [more inside]
    posted by marienbad on Nov 18, 2011 - 107 comments

    The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements

    Solar flares may be affecting radioactive decay rates
    posted by Confess, Fletch on Aug 24, 2010 - 57 comments

    The Super-Kamiokande

    Hi-res pictures of the Super-Kamiokande, a neutrino detector in Japan. The Super-Kamiokande, also known as the Super-K, is used to detect neutrinos, electrically neutral particles that are able to pass through matter. Effectively, it's a giant pool with walls made of phototubes used to detect Cherenkov radiation emitted by the interaction between neutrinos and electrons in the water. But even if you didn't understand any of that, it's still shiny and neat to look at.
    posted by Chan on Dec 5, 2009 - 26 comments

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