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JHarris (3) search. here is a link to a search run through News Now (UK) for "terrorist" - lots of information streaming in from all over the globe.
posted by ryanshepard on Sep 11, 2001 - 0 comments

There were more than 4 Crashes Today

There were more than 4 Crashes Today as the world markets were hammered. Percentage-wise, Germany is down 10, Paris down 7, London down almost 6, and similar catastrophic drops in the Americas forced nearly all of the world's markets to close for the day early. I'm worried about the Hang Seng and Nikkei which open very soon. Hopefully the NYSE and Nasdaq will not open for a week or so to let cooler heads prevail.
posted by Kevs on Sep 11, 2001 - 16 comments

ESPN teams up with MSN

ESPN teams up with MSN First the Justice Department folds, and now this: “’s sports content will be uniquely integrated with MSN and will carry MSN branding and links throughout the site.” Is it really a surprise? Will it really make a difference?
posted by kirkaracha on Sep 6, 2001 - 5 comments

Today's slice of blogspace. Daypop

Today's slice of blogspace. Daypop searches news sites and weblogs on a daily basis.
posted by otherchaz on Sep 4, 2001 - 7 comments

Bougainville Rebels, PNG Sign Comprehensive Autonomy Deal

Bougainville Rebels, PNG Sign Comprehensive Autonomy Deal
The deal, following two years of dialogue and almost a decade of violence, will culminate in a referendum on independence in 10 years. When fully implemented, it will give Bougainville broad autonomy in legislation, judiciary, and its own police force. Bougainvilleans fight for secession stems from PNG's distribution of revenue from gold mines on the island. Kabui's remarks at the signing emphasized the Bougainvillean identity and culture that autonomy would protect.
posted by rschram on Aug 31, 2001 - 5 comments

"My son is not a bad boy"

"My son is not a bad boy" has become a cliche. But what's the right thing to do when a loved one does something wrong? What about something VERY wrong? What is a parent's proper response?
posted by marknau on Aug 30, 2001 - 31 comments

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the real Shakes the clown.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the real Shakes the clown. This guy is both amusing and pathetic at the same time. He's the kind of clown I would hire.
posted by skallas on Aug 29, 2001 - 10 comments

Yahoo slideshows.

Yahoo slideshows. These showed up during MeFi's absence. I personally favor them over the "Most Viewed Images" list. Workers beware, it's effortless to blow an hour or so checking out all of the neatly organized topics.
posted by winterdrm on Aug 23, 2001 - 10 comments

More google ???: phone/address listings (with a map right to your house!), and (useless) news headlines which contain search terms (some screenshots in case they are just testing).
posted by sylloge on Aug 23, 2001 - 13 comments

Don't tax my Amazon Purchase!

Don't tax my Amazon Purchase! Legislation is in process to permanently prohibit taxes on Internet purchases. Whatever will Massachusetts and California do for revenue? Tax a satellite or two, I'd guess.
posted by dwivian on Aug 3, 2001 - 9 comments

Put that cloning gear away, son.

Put that cloning gear away, son. House votes to make human cloning and medicines made abroad via cloning illegal. This doesn't look to good for the future of stem cell research.
posted by skallas on Aug 1, 2001 - 48 comments

Alzheimer’s vaccine looks promising?

Alzheimer’s vaccine looks promising? Yes, this is another news item. I could say I posted this to discuss the ethics of research on animals, or humans for that matter. Or whether pharmaceuticals should be leading the way when it comes to developing vaccines and cures. But honestly, I just wanted an excuse to ask if you think Dale Schenk, the head researcher for the Alzheimer's vaccine, looks more like John Denver or Tim Allen.
posted by EatenByAGrue on Jul 27, 2001 - 11 comments

You go, Tom!

You go, Tom!
"The roll call was a feather in [Tom] Daschle's cap as he managed to prevail in his first effort as majority leader to stop a Republican filibuster."

Senator Tom Daschle (from South Dakota, no less), one of the only Democrats who still has guts. (Where are ye, Harkin? Where hast thou gone, Wellstone?)
posted by mapalm on Jul 26, 2001 - 11 comments

Dan Rather vs. The World

Dan Rather vs. The World (NY Times link) -- While the conspiracy theorists and much of the mainstream media were jumping down Gary Condit's throat, Rather and company held firm and kept the "news" off the Evening News. Despite airing a few reports, they intend to keep a comparatively low level of coverage in the future. Is this how we'd like to see the media behave, or is this just a more notable example of The Media's Liberal Bias™ showing through?
posted by mrbula on Jul 23, 2001 - 31 comments

The week in pictures

The week in pictures - an outlet for the best photojournalism

Sometimes they do have really nice pictures.
posted by sikander on Jul 21, 2001 - 4 comments

Maybe this idea is just too postmodern.

Maybe this idea is just too postmodern. But then a usenet group about a discussion group would never work would it? Best keep using Metatalk then . . .
posted by feelinglistless on Jul 18, 2001 - 16 comments

This breaking story brings a new aspect to a complex debate. Reasearchers in a private clinic in the US have created human embryos specifically for the purpose of extracting stem cells. This seems a good platform on which to discuss the wider issue of the interaction between public/private research funding, technology and life. Here's hoping it won't just end up a pro-life/pro-choice bloodbath.
posted by davehat on Jul 11, 2001 - 7 comments

AOL is muscling its way into online journalism. Be afraid.

AOL is muscling its way into online journalism. Be afraid. "If AOL's version of news delivery is indicative of the future of online journalism, then the future looks mighty grim. No other legitimate news organization relies so heavily on celebrity-oriented drivel and trifling service pieces." [via ken layne]
posted by owillis on Jul 11, 2001 - 10 comments

Americans want self-regulated Internet - or do they?

Americans want self-regulated Internet - or do they? A Markle Foundation survey out today seems to contain contradictory responses: 60 percent say rules for governing the Net should be developed by non-governmental organizations. But 64 percent also say that government "should develop rules to protect people when they are on the Internet, even if it requires some regulation of the Internet." Um, so which is it?
posted by thescoop on Jul 10, 2001 - 3 comments

CBS changes their mind!!!

CBS changes their mind!!!

I was one of the few people who was considering paying the $20 to watch the Big Brother feeds all summer long. I figured that I spend at least that much money on beer during a night out that three month's on entertainment for $20 seemed like a bargain.

However, CBS apparently listened to all the complaints and now instead of a "Free Trial", they are giving the internet feeds away for free.

Good CBS. Now expose Will, Justin, and Mike as the jerks they are on Tuesday's episode and you'll have a happy camper. Okay, and give me Hardy's phone number as well.
posted by Pinwiz on Jul 9, 2001 - 19 comments

Peter Jennings confirms the media's liberal bias?

Peter Jennings confirms the media's liberal bias? Jennings states that "conservative voices in the US have not been as present as they might have been and should have been in the media.''
posted by gyc on Jul 7, 2001 - 31 comments

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana not as effective as previously thought. Should this study affect the legalization talks?
posted by bytecode on Jul 6, 2001 - 7 comments

Fox News - neither fair nor balanced

Fox News - neither fair nor balanced My problem with them is not that there's a "conservative" news network (the more the merrier), its that they pass themselves off as "fair and balanced" when they aren't.
posted by owillis on Jul 1, 2001 - 49 comments

Cha Ching!

Cha Ching! I am not a person who really support the lotto but I couldn't be happier that a poor grocery bagger won millions of dollars. What makes me even happier is they plan to give some of it back to the community.
posted by aj100 on Jun 29, 2001 - 31 comments

Condit says he broke off close friendship with Levy 2 days before she disappeared; says she became distraught and obsessive.

Condit says he broke off close friendship with Levy 2 days before she disappeared; says she became distraught and obsessive. Sorry to revisit the Chandra issue, but it seems that Congressman Condit is becoming guiltier by the day. (Of stupidity, at the very least -- if not something more sinister.)
posted by jennak on Jun 28, 2001 - 38 comments

Commander Porn, at your service!

Commander Porn, at your service! " of Canada's top naval commanders has been suspended from duty and humiliated in front-page headlines for accessing ''Penthouse-like sites'' on a portable computer provided to him by the military. "

Commodore Eric Lerhe, the 52-year-old chief of Canada's Pacific fleet, acknowledged to higher brass that he had on occasions downloaded images of naked women while off-duty and alone in officers' quarters during an assignment in the United States.

Isn't this overkill? A reprimand I could see, but does it make sense to punish this to this degree?
posted by revbrian on Jun 26, 2001 - 9 comments

Just some light reading...

Just some light reading... Buck Wolf is a producer at who writes a twice-weekly column on items currently in the news. Nice, light reading, a few laughs, and some stuff you didn't know before (probably). Do any of you have favourite sites with interesting stuff for reading on slow news days?
posted by BGM on Jun 17, 2001 - 11 comments

When police go bad: Boycott Starbucks

When police go bad: Boycott Starbucks A Seattle community’s response to what was seen as racially motivated use of excessive force by police was to boycott the company that is funding their own schools and projects. A strange story all around.
posted by Nothing on Jun 15, 2001 - 17 comments

Good news is hard to find. There's the traditional elitists, the foreign sympathisers, the biased leftists and rightists, and the information-clogged portals that help organize them. Sometimes it seems like we'll have to settle for what makes us laugh. Where do you get your news?
posted by tweebiscuit on Jun 10, 2001 - 26 comments

L.A. movie-goers file lawsuit against Sony

L.A. movie-goers file lawsuit against Sony -- Not that inventing movie critics is a Good Thing (tm), but gimme a break. Does anyone really see movies based on what some obscure (and apparently fictitious) critic says?
posted by shauna on Jun 10, 2001 - 22 comments

Is the NY Times ranking its stories by "popularity" as they say, or as this writer suggests, what's "interesting"?
posted by lowblow on Jun 6, 2001 - 3 comments

Wall of Sound shuts down on Friday, June 1.

Wall of Sound shuts down on Friday, June 1. The music news and reviews site, a long-time (4 years+) gem of the Internet, is going away. Visit while you still can.
posted by dan_of_brainlog on May 31, 2001 - 19 comments

From Alternews.

From Alternews. For those of you with no interest in paying $25 for the unofficial Oklahoma City Bombing report, more reliable media than previously presented here lay out a surprisingly clear case that Timothy McVeigh did not act alone. The matter will never be resolved. The Guardian. The Independent 1, 2. The Village Voice. One caveat: I have the impression that each of these stories is working from the same alternative data, perhaps the unofficial report.
posted by Mo Nickels on May 16, 2001 - 6 comments

When soocer dads go bad.

When soocer dads go bad. Maybe it's the geek klutz in me but I'm always a little leery when people start talking about team sports as a way to build character.
posted by rdr on May 6, 2001 - 14 comments

Woman's sheep killed in her living room

Woman's sheep killed in her living room after she blockaded them and herself indoors to stop the foot-and-mouth related culling (this link is slightly behind the news, which was following this Very Important Story minute by minute, including an Sheep Cam inside the house).
posted by methylsalicylate on May 4, 2001 - 15 comments

A protest

A protest of scientific journals, organized by the Public Library of Science with the help of over 20,000 scientists and researchers world-wide, will begin in September 2001 unless old research papers are made freely available online.
posted by techgnollogic on May 2, 2001 - 2 comments

Gag order at Indy Media lifted. Looks like the FBI wanted to get "all user connection logs" from a 48-hour period although the feds were seemingly just concerned with one or two specific postings.
posted by gluechunk on Apr 27, 2001 - 6 comments

google restores deja view

google restores deja view google restores usenet archives; according to the article, it's a better search engine than before.
posted by bliss322 on Apr 27, 2001 - 23 comments

It's about time!

It's about time! Remember the Road Rage case in San Jose where a man threw a lady's dog into traffic last year? He's been found. The man who threw Leo the dog into oncoming traffic last year has been found. Ironically, he was found already in Jail.
posted by da5id on Apr 13, 2001 - 8 comments

Kidnapper's cabin surrounded

Kidnapper's cabin surrounded as a hostage drama seems to cap a remarkable criminal career. Anthony Zappa was the fugitive who caused the Mall of America to be closed for a search last month; he got away, then he was going to turn himself in, but instead he fled to Nebraska, where he kidnapped a teenage girl. Oddly, this parking-lot snatch resembled an unsolved case of a missing TV anchorwoman, Jodi Huisentruit.
posted by dhartung on Apr 12, 2001 - 5 comments

News picks from the Guardian.

News picks from the Guardian. This is a very useful service of course: The Guardian links to top news stories on the web- weblog style... But is this a weblog or just a related links page...? Either way it's a news junky's heaven...
posted by talos on Apr 11, 2001 - 6 comments

Another year, another 25 under-reported news stories.

Another year, another 25 under-reported news stories. Courtesy our fine friends at Project Censored, take a gander at the articles mainstream media shied away from throughout 2000, while aiming the consolidated investigative spotlight at all that presidential bollocks, and J-Lo's breakup with Puffy.
posted by legibility on Apr 4, 2001 - 9 comments

Third-grader suspended for drawing soldier, kniufe, gun

Third-grader suspended for drawing soldier, kniufe, gun The teacher said that the students were scared of the drawings....perhaps they should read the article in the current issue of the Guardian which goes into specifics of our new military budget and suggests that the total cost of our military budget is 1/3 of that spent by all of the nations in the world combined.
posted by Postroad on Mar 25, 2001 - 36 comments

Sweden overtakes the US

Sweden overtakes the US on the Information Superhighway (I didn't realise anyone still used that phrase), according to The World Paper.
posted by normy on Mar 22, 2001 - 0 comments

Amazoning the news

Amazoning the news It seems weird at first, but maybe I would want to see the news this way... Anyone want to do it? (via nublog)
posted by owillis on Mar 20, 2001 - 5 comments

You can't buy happiness...

You can't buy happiness... but having > 1.5 million dropped on you can cheer you up.
posted by rdr on Mar 12, 2001 - 4 comments

'Is media bias real?', part two:

'Is media bias real?', part two: Left-leaning media criticism folks FAIR have produced a report detailing some examples of of publishers, advertisers, and government officials killing stories they don't like and placing stories they do. What about the Chinese Wall between the business of news and the actual newsgathering? To quote a CBS news producer on the distinction between entertainment and news, "That line was over a long, long time ago....That line is long gone."
posted by snarkout on Feb 25, 2001 - 18 comments

"There are only a few hundred genes that we have in the human genome that are not in the mouse genome,"

"There are only a few hundred genes that we have in the human genome that are not in the mouse genome," says Craig Venter, chief scientific officer at Celera Genomics. Information on the human genome released today reveals that there are far fewer genes than first thought - humans only have double the amount that worms and flies do. [more inside...]
posted by hijinx on Feb 11, 2001 - 6 comments

Is media bias real?

Is media bias real? MRC has an interesting collection of quotes by the big 3 news anchors comparing how they treated Clinton & GW Bush on the same issue - abortion. It sure looks like bias to me, but then again, I'm biased.
posted by schlyer on Feb 5, 2001 - 36 comments

Drunk Russian diplomat kills Canadian woman

Drunk Russian diplomat kills Canadian woman
He claimed immunity and was sent home. Should ambassadors be held accountable by local laws in extreme circumstances such as these?
posted by Starchile on Jan 31, 2001 - 32 comments

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