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Broadly speaking, a Duck Dynasty shirt is not a good sign.

One of my favourite Twitter accounts is the frustrating and important @AfAmHistFail, run by an anonymous (for obvious reasons) docent who gives slavery presentations at a historical plantation. She shares the ups and downs of her job, the struggles to keep composure in the face of racist questions and monologues, and the difficulty of puncturing the romanticization of the antebellum South. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us.
posted by DynamiteToast on Jun 22, 2015 - 72 comments

1, 2, 3, 7, 9, definitely not 11, 18 but not 25, hell no to 26 or 33

Books That Literally All White Men Own: The Definitive List. SLToast, not SLOrtberg
posted by MartinWisse on May 12, 2015 - 706 comments

Planting Flowers with V.C. Andrews

For many North American women of a certain age, sneak-reading a copy of V.C. Andrews’ bestselling novel Flowers in the Attic was a teen rite of passage. The story of four siblings locked in an attic by their mother (and guarded by their cruel grandmother) made for strangely compelling gothic titillation. On August 12, The Toast celebrated V.C. Andrews Day by publishing editor Ann Patty's account of how she came to acquire the manuscript in 1978 and form a relationship with the reclusive author. [more inside]
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The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About PETA (SLHairpin)
posted by wreckingball on Mar 7, 2012 - 80 comments

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