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"Like Totally Whatever" by Melissa Lozada-Oliva at the National Poetry Slam 2015 [slyt]
posted by mysticreferee on Aug 24, 2015 - 20 comments

I care to live only to entice people to look at Nature's loveliness.

"We are reminded that everything is flowing—going somewhere, animals and so-called lifeless rocks as well as water. Thus the snow flows fast or slow in grand beauty-making glaciers and avalanches; the air in majestic floods carrying minerals, plant leaves, seeds, spores, with streams of music and fragrance; water streams carrying rocks both in solution and in the form of mud particles, sand, pebbles, and boulders. Rocks flow from volcanoes like water from springs, and animals flock together and flow in currents modified by stepping, leaping, gliding, flying, swimming, etc. While the stars go streaming through space pulsed on and on forever like blood globules in Nature's warm heart." — John Muir [more inside]
posted by theodolite on Nov 19, 2013 - 2 comments

America's Deepest Cave

Another World In the New Mexico desert sits an unremarkable sinkhole. At the bottom of the 90-foot pit, a piece of stainless steel culvert juts up, sealed by an airlock. If you can get the National Park Service to unlock the door, you've reached the Holy Grail of American caving, Lechuguilla Cave.
posted by Kirth Gerson on May 6, 2007 - 40 comments

Indepence Hall Finally Liberated?

Indepence Hall Finally Liberated? Even as the streets surrounding Independence Hall (the building where the document declaring US independence from Britain was forged) are finally liberated from barriers erected to prevent terror the historic building has been closed by the National Park Service, who prior to 9/11 couldn't even stop a crazy guy with a hammer.
posted by ringmaster on Apr 1, 2003 - 5 comments

Lighthouse free

The National Park Service and US Coast Guard are dumping Lighthouses for free. The catch is you need to maintain it. What would you do with a Lighthouse?
posted by stbalbach on Jan 24, 2003 - 26 comments

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