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"it is wise to be appropriately pessimistic here"

How we end up marrying the wrong people [more inside]
posted by flex on Jul 18, 2014 - 55 comments

Side by Side

"Josh and Nina are two friends. Every day, they each take a photo. Operating under a pact of absolute secrecy, neither knows what the other is working on. Each morning, they post their photos on Minty Forest side by side." Despite the diversity of their subjects the individual days often have consistency, consonance, coincidence, congruence or discord.
posted by Mitheral on Apr 12, 2009 - 13 comments

Trading 3rd party votes in swing states for votes in

VotePair.org allows third party voters in swing states to trade their vote with Kerry supporters in uncontested states. The result is that Kerry is more likely to win the swing states and third party candidates still get the same number of votes when tallied nationwide.
posted by freshgroundpepper on Oct 17, 2004 - 39 comments

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