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Pepto Bismuth

The chemical process of isolating bismuth metal from Pepto Bismol.
posted by dhruva on Mar 3, 2013 - 51 comments

Bismuth subsalicylate: for those hot summer days

"Years ago, when I worked for outlandishly hirsute rockers The Cure, the band wouldn't tour without stocking up first. I'd be at my desk, and the call would come in. 'Fraser? We're in Rio, and we've run out of Pepto. Can you Fedex us a crate?' And so I would." How to make Pepto-Bismol ice cream.
posted by ktoad on Jul 26, 2006 - 34 comments

Yahoo now has co-branding

Yahoo now has co-branding arrangements going on. I hate to see this trend continue, as I see it diluting the reputation of both companies. What's Pepto-Bismol got to do with teens having a fun summer? Anyone care to make the connection for me? What's next, Geritol sponsoring a site aimed at toddlers?
posted by mathowie on Jul 15, 1999 - 0 comments

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