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Phil Agre, missing

Phil Agre, online pioneer that ran the Red Rock Eater News service (predating most blogs) has been missing for about a year. Former colleagues believe it could be a mental breakdown or a walkabout and they've begun a controlled search using social networks with a goal of simply finding out if he's ok.
posted by mathowie on Nov 25, 2009 - 24 comments

Design for a Web Filtering Service.

Design for a Web Filtering Service. Phil Agre, an associate professor of information studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, is the editor of the rather popular mailing list called The Red Rock Eater News Service (RRE). In his latest email to the group, Phil picks up the issue of community web filtering and announces that he started a yahoo! group on the topic. The prime goal of the group will be the design of software to power what he calls a webfilter, "a cross between a discussion list, a weblog, and a bookmark file".
posted by HeikoH on Nov 5, 2001 - 5 comments

The Republicans make character assassination an art form.

The Republicans make character assassination an art form. Several people have linked to this already on their sites and I haven't had a chance to update my own yet, but Phil Agre's latest piece about Republican dirty tricks is a must-read. "The past ten days will go down as a turning point in American history. This is what it's like when the far right is taking over your country: the people support Al Gore's policies, but the polls are shifting toward George W. Bush because the media is filled with false attacks on Al Gore's character."
posted by Medley on Oct 16, 2000 - 73 comments

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