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Canadian novelist Yann Martel, whose novel, Life of Pi (excerpt, review), won the 2002 Booker Prize, has been accused of plagiarizing Brazilian novelist Moacyr Scilar's 1981 novella, Max and the Cats, which shares a similar premise. Martel freely admits that the premise of Scilar's work, which he discovered via a half-remembered (and scathing) critique, inspired Life of Pi, but he has not read it. The issue is whether a premise is intellectual property or whether such ideas are recycled all the time. While this would ordinarily be a literary tempest, Canada and Brazil have had a shaky relationship over trade in recent years; this may not help the situation.
posted by mcwetboy on Nov 7, 2002 - 29 comments

Ah, that back to school feeling is in the air. More papers to plagerize, more ways to beat that test. With some evidence that cheating is on the rise, and that the Internet makes it much easier, it might be time to review alternate ways of making the grade. All credit to this Mefi member.
posted by Wulfgar! on Aug 29, 2002 - 36 comments

Stealing from the "real" President?

Stealing from the "real" President? In a bit of a follow up to a thread last week whereupon Bush joked that he'd only go into deficit spending if he hit the "budget trifecta" of war, recession and national emergency. Well, nobody could ever find proof that he'd said any such thing during the campaign. As it turns out, it's because it was Gore who said it. In related news, it turns out that Bush "borrowed" his June 24th Tough on Palestine speech from Natan Sharansky, Israel's deputy prime minister, who published almost a word for word version of the speech back on May 3rd.
posted by dejah420 on Jul 2, 2002 - 50 comments

Doubling The Annoyance Factor: The Instantly Recyclable Column.

Doubling The Annoyance Factor: The Instantly Recyclable Column. Spot the differences between Taki's High Life column in this week's Spectator and his Le Maitre column in this week's New York Press. Obviously, all columnists recycle their stuff, specially when they've been on the job for more than 25 years like this guy, but there's generally a time-lag and a modest attempt at hiding the self-plagiarism. No such bloody luck with Taki.[ To my mind, the most objectionable, reactionary, trumpet-blowing, futile, deeply annoying (but, alas, not unreadable...)columnist in the English-speaking world.]
posted by MiguelCardoso on Jun 30, 2002 - 16 comments

Web Snatcher - when Web users go mad

Web Snatcher - when Web users go mad Andrew Wiseman began investigating someone called Dave Van Staveren when he ripped off his 625 Television Room site and several other TV fan sites. What follows is a descent into absolute lunacy. Who is Van Staveren? What does he want?
posted by Summer on May 17, 2002 - 5 comments

Has the Filthy Critic

Has the Filthy Critic been reading been reading the NYTimes.com film forums? Probably a coincidence, but both notice a rather annoying trend. Present participle film titles. (referring to the "Kissing Jessica Stein" review by the Filthy Critic.)
posted by McBain on Mar 28, 2002 - 3 comments

Plagiarism anybody?

Plagiarism anybody? Cute hyper-referenced spiel whose tech issues are more seriously discussed elsewhere - http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/fr/616339/posts?page=1 (which is itself probably a plagiarism)
posted by peacay on Mar 21, 2002 - 2 comments

Public shaming is in order.

Public shaming is in order. It's bad enough to rip off a design. But this person ripped off BABY PICTURES from Hoopla without credit, along with layouts, bits of text, and who-knows-what-else. Also compare: Leslie's status, Enurv's status. The "personal" part of personal publishing means you do it yourself. Argh.
posted by lucius on Feb 28, 2002 - 41 comments

Limp Bizkit wannabes triumph

Limp Bizkit wannabes triumph over teachers integrity. Has the Internet become a recycling whirlpool of ideas? Are there any original thinkers in this next generation?
posted by Stretch on Feb 8, 2002 - 13 comments

Not even the duckie escapes co-optation

Not even the duckie escapes co-optation No one disputes the XP GUI is cool. "Good Artists create, Great Artists STEAL, and Real Artists Ship" [link from nofuncharlie]
posted by otherchaz on Feb 5, 2002 - 31 comments

Mea sorta culpa.

Mea sorta culpa. Let the hunt begin. First, Stephen Ambrose was accused of plagiarizing one book, and then another. After he apologized and challenged "critics to find other unquoted borrowings," they promptly did. It looks like Ambrose is being outed by his fellow historians, or maybe The Sins of Stephen Ambrose are coming back to haunt him. (BTW, in the print community, plagiarizing is like double-posting. This post happens to be an e-post-ilogue)
posted by jacknose on Jan 14, 2002 - 12 comments

Historian Stephen Ambrose, author of over 25 books, is accused of plagiarizing for a second time. Just last weekend, Ambrose apologized for not properly citing copied phrases in a book about WWII bomber crews over Germany. Sounds like a sloppy mistake from a respected historian, and it proves you have to be pretty careful to avoid plagiarism.
posted by msacheson on Jan 9, 2002 - 31 comments

All sorts of delicious ethical issues here: Slate's guide to buying a term paper online. One of Slate's recommendations: "a smart but horribly lazy student could choose to put his effort into editing instead of researching and writing: Buy a mediocre paper that's done the legwork, then whip it into shape by improving the writing and adding some carefully chosen details." (Perhaps most revealing and disturbing aspect of the article is how the judges explain how they grade horrible papers -- an "utterly meaningless" essay earns a C- and another paper which deserves an F would earn the phrase "please come see me" because they don't dispense Fs at Columbia.)
posted by palegirl on Dec 15, 2001 - 34 comments

Bardolotry or Cheat Sheet?

Bardolotry or Cheat Sheet? I just clicked through from a TextAd to this "premier Shakespeare destination." I love finding reference sources available on the web, but this site strongly advertises its cheat-o-riffic functionality (more inside).
posted by BT on Nov 9, 2001 - 21 comments

Plagiarism in this week's Onion!

Plagiarism in this week's Onion! Their story "NBC To Add Dateline: Flursday" is a direct ripoff of the "Dateline: Katilsday" joke from Family Guy Episode 14, where Lois explains "Oh, NBC invented another day so they could air another episode of Dateline." (Here's the audio file.)
posted by geegaw on Oct 18, 2001 - 19 comments

Nothing more sexy than a leggy blonde Plagarist?

Nothing more sexy than a leggy blonde Plagarist?
Oops. Is it possible open-minded Ann Coulter was too busy converting the unwashed masses to Christianity to write her own book?
posted by yerfatma on Oct 18, 2001 - 12 comments

BusinessWeek accused of plagiarism.

BusinessWeek accused of plagiarism. This is a real bitch fight, that includes e-mails from a BusinessWeek reporter, and the technology and main editor. John Layne of the Online Journalist Review has accused BusinessWeek of plagiarism in connection with a story authored by Jane Black which was posted on BusinessWeek.com on August 28, 2001. He claimed that their story copies his article "Crikey! Lone Wolf Web Publisher Outrages Australia," which appeared on August 14, 2001, on OJR.org. It is one thing for a tinpot publication to plagiarise, but you expect better of BusinessWeek.
posted by Atom Heart Mother on Sep 4, 2001 - 3 comments

Yet another design rip-off.

Yet another design rip-off. This really bugs me. I have no problem with sites stealing layout and code, but actual graphics should be a no-no.
posted by jasonepowell on May 11, 2001 - 54 comments

Program Catches Copycat Students

Program Catches Copycat Students "A professor at the University of Virginia has nabbed 122 students for plagiarism using a computer program he wrote himself". This really sucks, doesn't it?
posted by matteo on May 5, 2001 - 41 comments

Unmitigated gall, Part Deux

Unmitigated gall, Part Deux...no, it's not déjàvu. Some folks simply have no respect for the work of others.
posted by webchick on Jan 15, 2001 - 17 comments

Is this plagiarism or not?

Is this plagiarism or not? Have to profess an interest here: I write for this site sometimes. But when I see they've created yet another "Hot or Not" ripoff I begin to wonder... will this joke ever end?
posted by tobyslater on Jan 9, 2001 - 4 comments

Steal a design, win an award. Sumerset Custom Houseboats won several awards in the 2000 Inc. Magazine Web Awards 2000, including the top prize in the General Excellence category. According to a company press release, the site was chosen for its "simple, functional, yet elegant design". The only problem is, they stole the design from IBM's site.
posted by jkottke on Nov 22, 2000 - 33 comments

Dark Angel is a rip-off of Heinlein's Friday,

Dark Angel is a rip-off of Heinlein's Friday, which I completely agree with. Cameron has been successfully sued by Harlon Ellison before for blatantly ripping off his ideas. Then again the sci-fi word is a static world of either super-humans/machines/aliens/time-trave/alternate dimensions.
posted by skallas on Oct 19, 2000 - 13 comments

Breakin' dah law breakin' dah law!

Breakin' dah law breakin' dah law! The eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not plagiarize... The following was blatantly copypasty stolen. An Important Note Regarding Netiquette: Under no circumstances is credit on a "links" page a way of giving back to the creatives of the web: its an afterthought that limps pathetically around the back corners of your site, while our work brings the main pages to life. So use the Web, but no linking! Just WHAT PLANET have these offended artists been on since 1994? Why are they suddenly freaking out now?
posted by ZachsMind on Jul 18, 2000 - 4 comments

Are Jason and Heather secretly the same person, or is there some other reason (that escapes me) that his July 6th and her July 7th entries start out with exactly the same paragraph?
posted by lia on Jul 9, 2000 - 30 comments

The Bicycle Story

Did I miss something? Okay, the bicicycle story that Barbelith, Megnut, and Kottke have all blogged.. what is this? I must have missed some inner circle of childhood memory bonding?
posted by eyesandfists on Jul 7, 2000 - 44 comments

Stealing is bad.

Stealing is bad. These folks seem to think it's okay to rip off another site's design and pass it off as their own work-- right down to the identical manifesto! They even have the balls to post a copyright notice. Unbelievable.
posted by wiremommy on May 10, 2000 - 21 comments

From Today's Suck.com,

From Today's Suck.com, comes the story of plagiaraism.org, a service that checks papers against a huge database of online essays and automatically highlights stolen passages from internet essays, then quantifies the plagiaism by giving every paper an 'originality index.' This looks like a cool application of technology if it really works.
posted by mathowie on Nov 11, 1999 - 0 comments

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