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What Would You Do?

Chicago Poet = Massachusetts Killer. J.J. Jameson lived as a Chicago Type for two decades. We knew him as an old-time activist. An eccentric, somewhat disheveled open-mic reader. An author (scroll down or search page for “cauliflower”). A heavy drinker who tried recovery at least once. A quick-wit rabble-rouser. In short, a Chicago guy, despite the New England accent. He was also the #1 Most Wanted Killer back east. My only question is: if you had killed two people, escaped from prison, turned around an saw no one chasing you, and could end up anywhere you wanted, would you choose to build a life in the influential if somewhat goofball and seasonally cold Chicago Poetry Scene? Or would you go the Caribbean route?
posted by juggernautco on Mar 23, 2005 - 128 comments

Carlos Cortez was the real deal.

Carlos Cortez, Rest in Peace. Carlos Cortez-- poet, woodcut artist, veteran wobbly, WWII conscientious objector, longtime contributor to The Industrial Worker newspaper, longtime board president of working-class publishing house Charles Kerr Publishers, passed away last week. In a time of dime-silly protests, we lost a great man (Chicago Tribune) who leaves behind a simple, powerful example of sustained resistance.
posted by juggernautco on Jan 24, 2005 - 8 comments

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