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Disney blocks new Michael Moore film

Disney is blocking its Miramax division from distributing a new documentary by Michael Moore that harshly criticizes President Bush. The New York Times reports that Disney head Michael Eisner "expressed particular concern that [the film] would endanger tax breaks Disney receives for its theme park, hotels and other ventures in Florida, where Mr. Bush's brother, Jeb, is governor."
posted by tranquileye on May 5, 2004 - 57 comments

"And half of the them are Jewish"

The magazine Adbusters has published a list of "the 50 most influential neocons in the US," and, writes editor Kalle Lasn, "half of the them are Jewish." Lasn identifies the Jews on the list with a dot. At least I think they're dots; maybe they're very small yellow stars.
posted by tranquileye on Apr 2, 2004 - 92 comments

CNN reports Dean to suspend campaign

CNN reports Dean to suspend campaign.
posted by tranquileye on Feb 18, 2004 - 83 comments

"From my cold dead hands."

"From my cold dead hands." A vice-president of the National Rifle Association took credit for President Bush's election Saturday, saying that those who would restrict gun rights are engaged in "political terrorism." Hyperbole aside, is gun control a failure in the USA?
posted by tranquileye on Apr 28, 2002 - 32 comments

"All democracies turn into dictatorships -- but not by coup. The people give their democracy to a dictator, whether it's Julius Caesar or Napoleon or Adolf Hitler. Ultimately, the general population goes along with the idea... It isn't that the Empire conquered the Republic, it's that the Empire is the Republic." George Lucas talks about the politics of his new Star Wars films.
posted by tranquileye on Apr 23, 2002 - 19 comments

African Union to be born at summit this week.

African Union to be born at summit this week. Modelled on the European Union, the new organization's charter will include plans for an African central bank, a court of justice, a single currency and a parliament. Is this what Africa really needs?
posted by tranquileye on Jul 9, 2001 - 18 comments

Canada's newest political prisoner?

Canada's newest political prisoner? "Well-known activist Jaggi Singh, accused of using a wooden catapult to lob teddy bears at police during the Quebec City summit two weeks ago, faces a preliminary hearing on May 16... Mr. Singh is the only protester still in jail among the 463 people arrested during the [FTAA] summit, at which of 34 countries in North and South America met to discuss reaching a hemispheric trade deal by 2005." Of course, the National Post has its own take on things.
posted by tranquileye on May 3, 2001 - 15 comments

Could next month's Summit of the Americas transform Canadian political culture? Michael Valpy thinks so. He writes: "Canadians have lost deference for their traditional political institutions and leaders. They have become surprisingly ready -- more ready than Americans -- to engage in protests, boycotts and civil disobedience, according to political-science studies... Likely not since the 1919 Winnipeg general strike and the Great Depression marches of the unemployed has an event so galvanized the energies and imaginations of Canadians on the left side of the political spectrum."
posted by tranquileye on Mar 10, 2001 - 4 comments

Doesn't this site violate Canada election laws?

Doesn't this site violate Canada election laws? They claim they will be posting election results as the polls close. Under Canadian law, time zones that are still voting aren't allowed to know who is winning further east. First up: Newfoundland.
posted by tranquileye on Nov 27, 2000 - 7 comments

The first step in setting up a parallel government?

The first step in setting up a parallel government? "Republican vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney said if the General Services Administration will not assist George W. Bush's transition to the White House, the campaign is prepared to go ahead on its own. 'We will proceed drawing on other sources,' Cheney told reporters in Washington on Monday." Yeah, I just bet they will.
posted by tranquileye on Nov 27, 2000 - 18 comments

In the other important election still to be decided:

The Canadian Alliance Party and their creationist leader, Stockwell Day, is proposing that if 3% of the Canadian electorate request it, the government should be obliged to hold a referendum on just about any issue. Up until now, many Canadians had been concerned that under a Alliance regime they would be facing endless referenda on limiting abortion rights, immigration, banning gay marriage, native rights, and so on. It was a sad, depressing prospect, as anyone living in Quebec knows.

Last week, however, the CBC television program This Hour Has 22 Minutes found a "hidden issue" I and many other "silent Canadians" can support: changing Mr. Day's first name from Stockwell to Doris.

If you are a Canadian citizen, add your name at the 22 Minutes Web site.
posted by tranquileye on Nov 17, 2000 - 20 comments

What a shock: your votes does count.
posted by tranquileye on Nov 8, 2000 - 6 comments

Finally, in the upcoming federal election, Canadians will have a chance to do what Americans have been doing for decades: elect an American leader.
posted by tranquileye on Nov 7, 2000 - 0 comments

Notes from the Canadian federal election: Some people don't like the leader of the Canadian Alliance, Stockwell Day, but other people really don't like him. And he doesn't like them too much.
posted by tranquileye on Nov 3, 2000 - 1 comment

The GOP just spammed me.

The GOP just spammed me. I received an email sent supposedly on behalf of "Jim Nicholson, Chairman, Republican National Committee" inviting me to become an "eChampion":

Once you've registered as an eChampion, you will receive fact-filled e-mails twice a week on the upcoming election, the candidates' stands on issues, etc. Your role as an eChampion is to send these e-mails on to AS MANY friends, neighbors and family members as possible, and invite them to register as eChampions themselves at http://www.echampions2000.com.

No, I didn't opt-in to some Republican mailing list. For a start, I'm Canadian, in Canada, and if I was going to vote for a right-wing wing-nut, it would be Stockwell Day. Talk about "idea viri"...
posted by tranquileye on Oct 10, 2000 - 6 comments

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