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Yay! Let's make a big deal about genres!

"Anyone who tells you music is dead just hasn't been listening to the right stuff." (some links NSFW) -some additional links-
posted by Mach3avelli on Aug 6, 2006 - 81 comments

*enter pretentious phrase here*

Postrock. A relatively new genre which continues to evolve in scope and definition, postrock is a treat to the ears. With bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rós, Do Make Say Think, and Mogwai at the helm, it has slowly grown in recognition through movie soundtracks. Yes, there's quite a plethora of postrock bands, but is anything necessarily revolutionary, or just a rehash of past ideas brought into contemporary context?
posted by Mach3avelli on Mar 7, 2005 - 116 comments

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