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The scariest things in the grocery store.

This guy tastes the things you will still be able to find in the store three years after the start of the zombie apocalypse. A whole chicken in a can. Breakfast in a can. Potted meat, (the worst sounding list of ingredients.) And canned ground beef.
posted by Bee'sWing on Nov 22, 2016 - 122 comments

The American Diet in One Chart

The American Diet in One Chart: "American eaters have gotten a windfall from the the era of cheap meat that dawned in the early '80s. Meat prices tumbled as small farms shuttered, to be replaced by massive factory-scale farms that stuffed animals with cheap, subsidized corn and soy and kept them alive and growing to slaughter weight with daily doses of antibiotics. ... Consumers put some of the savings into eating more meat, and shifted some out of the savings out of food purchases altogether ... But what what they mostly did was shift cash that once went to meat into processed food."
posted by mrgrimm on Jun 14, 2012 - 93 comments

Happy 71st Birthday, Twinkies!

Happy 71st Birthday, Twinkies! Let's all just stop flinging doo-doo and bangin' the baloney for a moment and enjoy a true American original -- Twinkies-- which were invented 71 years ago. I'll bet the very first package still hasn't reached its freshness expiration date.
posted by briank on Apr 6, 2001 - 27 comments

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