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Evan Williams could not be reached for comment.

Evan Williams could not be reached for comment. "Evan Williams, Pyra's co-founder, blogged his day-to-day life for the last three years right up until it got interesting. Williams pulled his blog offline earlier this week." Leander Kahney at Wired asks Why Did Google Want Blogger? and thinks it might have something to do with that slippery idea of a semantic Web.
posted by tranquileye on Feb 22, 2003 - 22 comments

give jack saturn his old job back!

give jack saturn his old job back! of course one could assault me for posting something found from the infamous j.ko that has to do with blogger - and lord knows there's enough of those threads already - but i found this to be too interesting to pass up. if you weren't already aware, pyra [blogger's parent company/alter ego] is looking for someone to handle customer support and jack saturn [who had the job before and hasn't had one since] is looking to get his job back. i don't know about anyone else, but i'd like to see the old team have the chance to come back....
posted by boogah on Jul 25, 2002 - 62 comments

The man who saved "blogging"?

The man who saved "blogging"? Old news about the Trellix/Pyra deal but interesting none the less.
posted by justgary on Apr 19, 2001 - 11 comments

Blogs of Our Lives.

Blogs of Our Lives. There I was, enjoying a Burger King breakfast, reading the local Gannett paper, when I turn to their Tuesday technology section and find . . .
posted by fpatrick on Apr 10, 2001 - 22 comments


Blogger collapses once more - this time with the message: "Error 103:java.sql.SQLException: java.sql.SQLException: The log file for database 'pyra' is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space. [more info]" It's an old theme, but a pertinent one to a large number of people on this site so don't kill me. It's being talked about here. Look - we all know that this is not the fault of Pyra, but it's getting absurd. Prol has already migrated over to Grey Matter - and from the look of the mailing lists, she may be the beginning of a flood. I have so much invested in Blogger working, that I'm prepared to be slapped for saying something must be done. What can we do?!
posted by barbelith on Feb 25, 2001 - 37 comments

Ev explains the Pyra situation.

Ev explains the Pyra situation. Sad news from the makers of Blogger.
posted by prolific on Feb 1, 2001 - 178 comments

woo! blogvoices is staying open

woo! blogvoices is staying open thanks to the good folks at pyra. well, im just going to go right out and say that this has made my day. way to go chris and pyrates!
posted by will on Jan 26, 2001 - 23 comments

LiveJournal's "Paid Accounts" model

LiveJournal's "Paid Accounts" model might be the route that Pyra wants to take with Blogger. I don't know much about LiveJournal's features as compared with Blogger, but they certainly have thought out their revenue model. Does anyone know anything about LiveJournal?
posted by jmcnally on Jan 8, 2001 - 9 comments

Blogger gets its server

Blogger gets its server Pyra pulls it off with a little help from its friends.
posted by allaboutgeorge on Jan 5, 2001 - 13 comments

"Ante up!"

"Ante up!" Say the good folks at Pyra, as Blogger goes to telethon mode and asks for New Server donations. And they really suckered me in, too, because sufficient donations yield free stickers!
posted by anildash on Jan 2, 2001 - 139 comments

blah blah blah new york times "Web logs" blah blah williams blah hourihan blah blah blood blah this is news.
posted by peterme on Dec 28, 2000 - 57 comments


Jason put up a link to the New Yorker article that mentions himself, Meg, Pyra, EV, etc. It also mentions MetaFilter and myself. I find this funny in a way, all of of these people that never would have known anything about each other are all interconnected. Why? Because Ev and Meg started Pyra. Because I read an article about the original Pyra app. Which led me to Blogger. Which led to Ev, Meg, Pb, MetaFilter... whcih led to Kottke, Haughey, etc. Ahhh the good old days
posted by monkeyboy on Nov 21, 2000 - 36 comments

Blogger is the answer.

Blogger is the answer. Portals suck. "Community sites" suck. The always-excellent NUblog crew think Pyra has the answer -- communities of Bloggers focused on specific subject areas.
posted by lbergstr on Nov 16, 2000 - 7 comments

Blogger/Pyra is getting into hosting?

Blogger/Pyra is getting into hosting?

Blog*Spot.com is run by Pyra, it's obviously not done yet, but it looks like it'll be an easy-to-setup microhost for blogs, complete with templates.

On a semi-related note, is anyone using WrapZap as an ASP for forms on their blog? Seems like integrating that with Blogger would be a nice little bit of advanced functionality for Blogger Pro.

posted by anildash on Aug 30, 2000 - 21 comments

Good luck with the new book, Derek. You will be missed at Pyra HQ.
posted by 120degrees on Aug 25, 2000 - 13 comments

Happy birthday to ya!

Happy birthday to ya! The Best Web App still alive turns 1 and doesn't look like slowing down. Now it's found it's legs, it seems like time to take pyra out of diapers and potty train the little guy (you can tell what's happening in my house at the moment).
posted by Neale on Aug 23, 2000 - 9 comments

O'Reilly investment in Pyra disclosed

O'Reilly investment in Pyra disclosed by Dave Winer on the FoRK mailing list. Was this a secret?
posted by rafeco on Aug 23, 2000 - 15 comments

Pyra.com Ltd. is now Pyra Labs (dot com limited)

Pyra.com Ltd. is now Pyra Labs (dot com limited)
  So is the redesign/rebranding the long overdue second announcement of the Week of Two Announcements?
  And when are we going to hear about the money (Remember "It's not VC money, it's cool/smart money...")
posted by rschram on Jun 21, 2000 - 5 comments

Shiver me timbers...

Shiver me timbers... Derek P becomes a Pyrate. That "Meet the Beatles" cover will soon need to be replaced with one from Sly and the Family Web. Or Treasure Island. But good luck, and a very happy birthday for tomorrow... and if anyone even mentions the word beginning with C and rhyming with "babble", terminate with extreme prejudice.
posted by holgate on May 15, 2000 - 35 comments

Pyra - a company built to flip?

Pyra - a company built to flip? Sippey makes the most important statement and one that I have posted here before... Both Blogger, and Pyra are great products but where is the BUSINESS MODEL. Matt do not censor this please... it is a very valid point whether you like it or not...
posted by efader on May 2, 2000 - 47 comments

Pyra's killer app

Pyra's killer app isn't Blogger, says Michael Sippey in the most recent Stating the Obvious. The Pyramaniacs started out to build a robust project-management tool, and got sucked into the swirling vortex that is weblog-world along the way.

"Pyra's killer app isn't Blogger, it's Pyra. Of course, that's mostly semantics, since Blogger's an application built on top of the Pyra framework. Which means that Pyra could not only be your next project management app, but your next content publishing platform as well. An integrated content, template, task, issue, and discussion database? Sounds like a killer app to me. Now they just need to figure out the business model..."

I would have thought the business model was obvious. Isn't it?

posted by bradlands on Apr 30, 2000 - 13 comments

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