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taking off the color blinders

A hundred social scientists and geneticists gathered this week in Alexandria to sort out the meaning of race, and didn't, quite.
posted by sudama on Sep 18, 2004 - 40 comments

"In the end, we will need to give up any lingering fantasies of a color-blind Web and focus on building a space where we recognize, discuss and celebrate racial and cultural diversity. To achieve that goal, all of us -- white folks and people of color -- will have to shed the defensiveness that surrounds the topic of race." So says Henry Jenkins in a Technology Review article on Cyberspace and Race. On the Internet, nobody knows you're oppressed?
posted by sudama on Mar 22, 2002 - 4 comments

James Baldwin once wrote, "So long as you think you are white, there is no hope for you." What could he possibly have meant?
posted by sudama on Dec 17, 2000 - 21 comments

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