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From the White House to the Big Brother House

Political Survivor? The Candidate's Apprentice? Who Wants to Be a President? Yep, it's a new "Reality" show: American Candidate (from the people who brought you "The Reagans" when CBS wouldn't).
It's a golden opportunity for anyone who missed the deadline to get on the New Hampshire Primary ballot... I think every politically-minded MeFite should apply to be a contestant/candidate. (And meet the candidates who've made the first cut so far.) I'm gonna do it, and I intend to elevate the level of rhetoric by calling my opponents dandiprat dogberries, slubberdegallions, doddypolls, fop doodles and flibbertigibbets.
posted by wendell on Mar 23, 2004 - 7 comments

A Political Prick or You Call Yours The Mole?

"If people want to know about it, they should know I won the contest." On the day of the historic Supreme Court decision, New Jersey's Democratic Party embarrasses itself big time, as the Sussex County party chairman wants a candidate for State Senate to quit the race because he "entered a photo contest in New York City that featured nudity".
What the AP story says: The candidate, semi-famous for being the runner-up on 'Reality' Game Show The Mole and one of "People Magazine's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors", really is named Jim Morrison (TVTome database embarrassment)
What the AP story didn't say: (local newspaper story) Morrison is openly gay, it was a "prettiest penis contest", and it was made public more than two years ago. And the party chair's real problem with Morrison is his winning the primary as a 'write-in' (scroll down to "Legislature '03") Now what bothers me about this guy is that when he was on "Mole", his occupation was "helicopter pilot", and now he's "a partner in his parents' law firm". Now that's "family values"...
posted by wendell on Jun 27, 2003 - 14 comments

Now this is what I call Reality TV.

Now this is what I call Reality TV.
I'm surprised we haven't seen more incidents like this outside or around Wrestling shows, or am I missing something? Just for the record, the TV show marred by this tragedy was BattleDOME, NOT BattleBOTS (otherwise, it would have been a pickup truck stabbing an SUV, right?).
posted by wendell on Sep 8, 2000 - 3 comments

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