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UK Big Brother ends, and people actually care. (Hint to US producers: An ex-nun who converted to hedonistic lesbianism beats a guy with one leg and a roofer whose idea of individuality is dying his hair.) The thing I'm most interested in, though: Is it true that the UK's National Health Service refuses to do heart and lung transplants on the, um, genetically inferior?
posted by aaron on Sep 17, 2000 - 5 comments

One of the best media manipulations of modern times: CBS and Mark Burnett fool everyone about the ultimate Survivor. For weeks now, it's been more or less common knowledge that Gervase was going to be the last one standing on the island. Why? The two main reasons: An unused graphic discovered in the bowels of CBS.com's site showing all the contestants with Xs over their faces, except for Gervase; and a quick snippet of a Tribal Council in the opening credits a few weeks back showing only four people, one of whom was Gervase. There have been other bits of evidence conveniently popping up lately, such as reports that Gervase has been seen driving around Philly in an expensive new sports car. So guess who got voted off last night?
posted by aaron on Aug 3, 2000 - 13 comments

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