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"Are you ready to find love in Alderaan places?"

Regret the Error: The best and worst media errors and corrections in 2013 [more inside]
posted by zarq on Dec 18, 2013 - 41 comments

The correct quote is “Hell is other people,” not “Hell is other people at breakfast.”

The best (and worst) media errors and corrections of 2012.
posted by Chrysostom on Dec 18, 2012 - 38 comments

NYT: Oops

No giant sea sparrow is known to be endangered by the eating habits of goats. quoth the NYT. Funniest correction I've seen in a while; even better than the ones in the Guardian.
posted by Vidiot on Dec 16, 2002 - 7 comments

Author Says He Lied in Book on Anita Hill

Author Says He Lied in Book on Anita Hill "David Brock, who made his name trashing Anita Hill after the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, now says he lied -- and he's sorry."
posted by saralovering on Jun 27, 2001 - 40 comments

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