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An American's part in the farewell to an English King

Richard III of England was interred today at Leicester Cathedral (official site for the burial). A New York woman was responsible for creating the traditional altar linens used in today's service. Richard III previously.
posted by immlass on Mar 22, 2015 - 40 comments

Cakes and Ale and Richard III

New analysis on Richard III's bones reveal the richer diet available to a king, as well as his drinking habits.
posted by PussKillian on Aug 17, 2014 - 35 comments

"The (legal) Wars of the Roses Part 2"

When the remains of Richard III were discovered beneath a car park in Leicester (previously) there was some debate over where he should be reburied. It seemed that the question was settled by the decision of the University of Leicester to follow up the stipulation in the exhumation licence that the remains be re-buried in Leicester. However, a group of Richard III's collateral descendants were not content to let this rest, and issued an application for judicial review of the Ministry of Justice's decision to set and abide by that restriction on the location for reburial. The first stage of that application has been successful, with Mr Justice Haddon-Cave QC granting permission for a full judicial review (order and reasons, PDF). [more inside]
posted by Major Clanger on Aug 17, 2013 - 63 comments

Coffins Within Coffins

Hey, remember when archaeologists discovered the remains of Richard III under a car park in Leicester? Well, apparently they also unearthed a stone coffin dated to at least a century before Richard. When it was opened, it was revealed to contain... another coffin, sealed and made of lead. None of us in the team have ever seen a lead coffin within a stone coffin before, says one of the archaeologists. Oh sure, it's probably just the remains of one of the founders of the monastery that used to be there, but if the movies have taught us anything, it's that if something is mysterious, it must also be evil, right?
posted by Cash4Lead on Jul 30, 2013 - 46 comments

I am determined to prove a villain

Today is the unveiling day of the results of ID tests that may reveal that a skeleton found under a car park in Leicester is that of the last King of England to be killed in battle, Richard III. [more inside]
posted by brilliantmistake on Feb 4, 2013 - 109 comments

Cheated of feature by dissembling Nature

"So it was right after we had the rest of him uncovered, and [the spine] was really obviously curved and we looked at each other and said 'Wow, this is a really good candidate'. - archeologists in England uncover what is likely to be the burial place of Richard III under a car park. Having traced an all-female line of descent direct from Richard’s sister, Anne of York, to a lady living in Canada, the team (and the world) eagerly await the results of the DNA tests.
posted by Marauding Ennui on Sep 12, 2012 - 60 comments

Facebook used to suggest some myths are based in historical fact

Scientists have mapped the social networks in Beowulf, the Iliad and the Irish epic Táin Bó Cúailnge and compared them to networks as mapped by Facebook. The results were surprising, with all three mapping well to real-world social networks and leading scientists to believe that they are all based on real events. Harry Potter, Les Misérables, Shakespeare's Richard III, and The Fellowship of the Ring were used as controls. (Abstract and link to the paper, which is available in its entirety for 30 days, although it does require creating a free login.)
posted by stoneweaver on Jul 26, 2012 - 29 comments

Ensemble Monologue

Actor Jim Meskimen reads Clarence's monologue, slightly adapted, from Shakespeare's Richard III [text] in 25 celebrity impressions. Bonus points for using Ron Howard's voice for the line "Though 'twere to buy a world of happy days," and Barack Obama's for "Such terrible impression made the dream." (via @craigyferg) [more inside]
posted by maryr on Jul 21, 2011 - 28 comments

Josephine Tey

Someone used to great responsibility, and responsible in his authority. Someone too-conscientious...He had that incommunicable, that indescribable look that childhood suffering leaves behind it; less positive than the look on a cripple’s face, but as inescapable. This the artist had both understood and translated into terms of paint...He turned the portrait over to look for a caption. On the back was printed: Richard the Third.
From Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time, "a book of singular originality, ingenuity and humanity" often cited as one of the best of all mystery novels. [more inside]
posted by Iridic on Jul 1, 2011 - 31 comments

"Richard may lie to all the other characters but within his solo speeches he always tells the truth."

"So, 'now'--ooh, what a wonderful first word, right in the beginning of the play. 'Now.' Not in the past. Not a history play. Now." Ian McKellen breaks down Richard III. [more inside]
posted by kirkaracha on Nov 5, 2009 - 46 comments

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