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Garrison Keillor is leaving

Garrison Keillor is leaving Salon.com. I've become an avid read of Mr. Blue's column over the past couple of months and it's a shame to see him leave. This post doubles a bit as a question as Mr. Blue's departure leaves a gaping hole in my 'advice column' bookmark folder. Anyone have any favorite online advice columns to recommend?
posted by jedrek on Sep 4, 2001 - 23 comments

Training toddlers to compete.

Training toddlers to compete. This reminds me of the Dilbert episode where Dogbert holds training sessions for toddlers. I know parents often want to realize themselves through their children, but aren't we going a bit overboard here?
posted by jedrek on Sep 5, 2000 - 4 comments

Here's an 'update'

Here's an 'update' on the gay highschool football capitan that decided to come out of the closet and was warmly accepted, blah blah blah. I was reading this and I realized that I have absolutely *no* idea how my friends would react if I, or anyone else, 'came out'. Although I knew a few gays while I was growing up in the states, I do not know a single gay person in Poland. It made me think...
posted by jedrek on Apr 27, 2000 - 1 comment

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