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nos gusta lo que hacemos

Everything you think you know about salsa music is BS. The truth is: Orquesta el Macabeo [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue on Oct 29, 2013 - 10 comments


Salsa in Kilts?

Salsa in Kilts! I was not aware of them until seeing them in the (excellent) movie Driving Lessons. WOW! Meet Salsa Celtica.
posted by spock on Nov 25, 2007 - 9 comments

You like the sauce?

Fire Roasted Salsa. Chipotle Salsa. Pico De Gallo. Salsa Verde. Five Green Salsa. Orange Salsa. Apple Salsa. Cucumber Salsa. Yogurt Salsa. Rosemary Salsa. Bean Salsa. Conejo En Salsa De Chocolate. Roasted Poblano and Coconut Salsa. Monterey Jack Salsa. Salsa Negra. Mango Salsa. Holiday Salsa. Artichoke Salsa.
posted by bigmusic on Nov 11, 2007 - 27 comments

World Passport Music Downloads

World Passport Music – 75 hours of free world music in mp3/podcast format. Afrobeat, Cuban Diaspora, Haitian Kompa, Salsa, Highlife, Rumba Congolaise, Kinshasa-Nairobi Sounds, Afrijazz, Calypso, Hawaiian, American Jazz Roots, Yoruban Ejeki Jo... Let’s Dance!
posted by algreer on Nov 1, 2007 - 23 comments

El Judio Maravilloso

Larry Harlowe (born Lawrence Kahn) was a Jewish kid from a racially mixed Brooklyn neigborhood who discovered the clave rhythm. Encouraged by his musician parents, he pursued his new love and became one of the genre's most admired players and one of the first artists signed to the legendary Fania (lovingly annotated reissues are on the street from this label), working with legends of the form. He also was one of the men behind 'Hommy,' the first 'salsa opera,' about a deaf-dumb-and-blind conga player (gee, that sounds familiar). One of the more interesting and illustrious musical charcters of our time.
posted by jonmc on Oct 19, 2006 - 13 comments

Al-Qaeda, Meet al-Salsa

Al-Qaeda, Meet al-Salsa Salsa music is sweeping the arab world, especially as played by Amr Diab, hailed by an Abu Dhabi taxi driver as "the Ricky Martin of the Arab World." But unlike Ricky Martin, Amr Diab combines Latin rhythms in an appealing mix with guttural Arabic lyrics. It's the type of cosmopolitan fusion that might now be welcome in Iran's growing but barely-tolerated music scene.
posted by teaperson on Oct 6, 2005 - 21 comments

I love hot sauce as much as anyone, but products with names like DOA Cyanide, Rigor Mortis, and Dead Heat (packed with its own individually numbered Certificate of Death, inside a fiery coffin box) make me a little nervous. Then there's Chet's Gone Mad, which comes in a medicine dropper and is 700 times hotter than Tabasco (rating 1,500,000 on the Scoville scale). Am I the only one who's afraid of this stuff?
posted by mr_crash_davis on Jan 29, 2002 - 73 comments


LNSEMSF's stated goals are simple: "Leonard Nimoy is excellent, and salsa is excellent, and if Leonard Nimoy would eat more salsa, he would become an unstoppable force of excellence." Join the cause, sign the petition, support the Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation today.
posted by mathowie on Jan 3, 2002 - 20 comments

But why would I shoot Mister Burns when I can set his soul afire with a slanderous mambo?

But why would I shoot Mister Burns when I can set his soul afire with a slanderous mambo? Alas, poor Tito, I knew him not well at all, but a lot of my friends swore up and down that he was a talented musician, and he was in the running to have shot Mister Burns. Sad that that is what I know him from.
posted by Ezrael on Jun 1, 2000 - 3 comments

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