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Tea Party Express Sent to a Detour

The National Tea Party Federation has expelled a significant part of its membership, the Tea Party Express. It all started on July 13, when over 2000 NAACP delegates condemned bigoted elements in the Tea Party and asked that they be repudiated. (The bottom of this page has examples of recent racism.) A war of words ensued, with Tea Party spokespeople calling the NAACP racist and irrelevant. Mark Williams, spokesman for the Tea Party Express, was particularly harsh. On July 14, he posted an imaginary letter from "We Coloreds" to "Mr. Lincoln" on his blog. (Scroll down this link for full text and screen shot.) On July 16, the National Tea Party Federation decided to suspend the Tea Party Express, with expulsion to follow unless Williams was removed. [more inside]
posted by bearwife on Jul 18, 2010 - 320 comments

Tea Party, Anyone?

The first natonal Tea Party convention began today, although main events start tomorrow, amid some controversy over the price of admission. Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker, reportedly at a price of $100,000. Her speech and other events are to be televised. Two prominent Republican representatives, one of whom is Michele Bachman, have dropped out over their reported concerns about how receipts from the convention will be used. The convention appears to be aimed at establishing a direction for the group. Six hundred "delegates" are attending.
posted by bearwife on Feb 4, 2010 - 230 comments

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