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I was much happier before I knew these existed

EEEK! (YouTube) [more]
posted by madamjujujive on Jul 31, 2006 - 79 comments

S&M Easter - whips, nails, but no bunnies

So how will you spend Easter? Are your plans just a tad pedestrian? If egg hunts leave you cold, perhaps you need a bit more edge. For many, things begin this week. In Czechoslovakia, men carry woven willow sticks and whip girls on the legs, but in Taxco, Mexico, it's all about self-flagellation. In the U.S., many go theatrical with a living last supper; in the Philippines they favor more authenticity - every year about 20 people re-enact the crucifixion, nails & all. If that's too real, you could order supplies to build a backyard corpus shrine for next year. - more -
posted by madamjujujive on Apr 14, 2003 - 23 comments

eeeeek! - camel Spiders and other creepy critters

The camel spider will call you a slut and make fun of your religion. Not bad enough they have death & destruction and every other war-related hazard, our troops also have to worry about chancing on this nasty creature (quicktime clip). Many of the more terrifying stories are urban legends but personal accounts about these and other desert varmints are still pretty scary. Me, I worry about a spider with a nasty bite that's a little closer to home. (gross out warning!)
posted by madamjujujive on Apr 2, 2003 - 23 comments

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