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To Boldly Go Where No Fan Has Gone Before

"As part of its ongoing mission to document the Art and Production History of Star Trek, this site will present technical articles on Star Trek prop and costume authentication - focusing on The Original Series - with detailed photos and episode screenshots to complement the information presented; as well as feature pictorials to showcase Star Trek memorabilia in private & public collections, present rare Behind The Scenes TOS imagery & discuss other topics." [more inside]
posted by specialagentwebb on Oct 8, 2010 - 23 comments

Kurt Vonnegut, meet Brenda Walsh.

Slaughterhouse 90210, where erudite literary quotes meet TV screencaps. [more inside]
posted by aerotive on Feb 2, 2010 - 33 comments

Pleasing Blog. Some Monsterism.

Captured Monsters, a classic monster movie screencap blog. [more inside]
posted by zamboni on Jun 6, 2008 - 15 comments

Reporter Caps

Enjoy over 170,000 screencaps of your favorite cable news personalities at ReporterCaps.com.
posted by dhammond on Mar 30, 2008 - 20 comments

We distort, you decide?

If you love to hate Fox News, this blogger has thoughtfully collected a number of Fox's more outrageous on-screen captions and website nonsense from the past few years. (Nice to see John Gibson admit he's a weakling.) [via]
posted by metasonix on Mar 15, 2007 - 95 comments

Helpful Screencaps

Very descriptive screen caps This how-to section features some of the most hilariously notated screen caps I've ever seen. I'm...well, I'm speechless.
posted by glenwood on Oct 1, 2004 - 25 comments

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