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Smells like wet bear

Boring day job? Watch a grizzly bear hunt for salmon at Brooks Falls or the Lower Brooks River in Katmai National Park, Alaska. [more inside]
posted by mudpuppie on Jul 15, 2013 - 131 comments

Dan Deacon does not do acid.

Not Ever, No Way: Dan Deacon does NOT do acid.
posted by azarbayejani on Jul 15, 2009 - 44 comments

Save the seahorses, save the world!

They're sold embedded in plastic as paperweights, dried as curios and used as decorations for tourist trinkets. But the seahorse, so little researched that we don't even fully understand its taxonomy and only found out how it reproduces in 2007, is threatened, and so are its habitats. No one's really sure how many are left (they're still being found in new and unusual places like the Thames, and new species are frequently discovered), but marine biologists are sure there's far fewer than there used to be. (It's not all depressing - there's cute video and bizarre mating rituals and birth processes, as well as lots of information inside.) [more inside]
posted by rednikki on Apr 5, 2009 - 30 comments

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