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Savory seasonings stimulate the appetite.

Gastrosexuals are masculine, upwardly mobile men, aged 25-44, who are passionate about cooking and the rewards that it might bring – pleasure, praise and potential seduction. A test for the gastrosexual. [more inside]
posted by bigmusic on Jun 22, 2009 - 77 comments

A new place for all your burning relationship questions.

A new agony aunt for you. He beat me after I cheated... can I fix this or should I leave? More examples inside.
posted by bigmusic on Jun 12, 2007 - 35 comments

Once you go plush you never regain your self-esteem.

Teddy Babes love dolls are available in a number of sexy characters. (NSFW)
posted by bigmusic on Feb 26, 2007 - 58 comments

God is good.

Sex in Christ: The sex act called fisting is a source of confusion and misconceptions for many Christians. This is unfortunate, because it means that many Christian men and women are depriving themselves of what could be the most spiritual sexual experience of their lives. Like anal sex and BDSM, fisting is often mistakenly associated with the gay community or is considered a sex act too extreme to be appropriate for Christian couples. Not only are these views incorrect, but fisting actually has a scriptural precedent, as we will show.
posted by bigmusic on Jun 16, 2006 - 81 comments

Three cheers for solo sex.

Over one thosand online masturbation confessions (nsfw): Categorized for your convinence. I thought grouphug had the market cornered. I guess not when it comes masturbation. I doubt Josh would approve. These links go to potentially bad places -- don't let your mom catch you
posted by bigmusic on Jan 23, 2006 - 19 comments

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