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Baby skunky, baby skunky, cup on your head, baby skunky.

In case it ever happens to you, this is how your help a confused skunk who is stumbling around the middle of the road with a cup caught on its head.
posted by SpacemanStix on Jan 15, 2014 - 48 comments

Cannabis culture

Cannabis Culture
posted by twoleftfeet on Apr 3, 2011 - 59 comments

This stinks

Imagine the worst, most foul thing you have ever smelled. An overpowering mix of rotting meat, old socks that haven't been washed for weeks - topped off with the pungent waft of an open sewer. Imagine being covered in the stuff as it is liberally sprayed from a water cannon. Then imagine not being able to get rid of the stench for at least three days, no matter how often you try to scrub yourself clean. Introducing Israel's new, non-lethal but highly effective and highly offensive weapon: Skunk.
posted by flapjax at midnite on Oct 2, 2008 - 62 comments

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