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Smoke Gets In Your...Eyes?

Smoke Gets In Your...Eyes? According to Geoffrey Gray in The Village Voice, a lot of ex-smokers like to...watch. Whether they're pregnant women, nicotine voyeurs or just regular, filter-tipped voyeurs[comes with a pop-up and probably isn't endearing to employers], it seems that even this intensely physical pastime is becoming virtualized. So be it. But...what does it all mean? Can smoking really be vicarious?
posted by MiguelCardoso on Sep 20, 2002 - 31 comments

Another smoking gun.

Another smoking gun. Tobacco companies fought the marketing of anti-smoking products in the 1980s and '90s, by exerting financial pressure on companies that make nicotine gum and patches--like Dow Chemical. (NYT, reg req'd - CBS News version here)
posted by gottabefunky on Aug 14, 2002 - 3 comments

No butts about it...

No butts about it... Bloomberg plans to ban smoking in small bars and restaurants in NYC. Why not? The pope took it even further. And after all, it won't hurt business owners. Perhaps a better plan would be to limit food portions instead. How do NYC smokers feel about this? I know Carrie Bradshaw will not be too thrilled.
posted by bmxGirl on Aug 9, 2002 - 125 comments

"I have been an accomplice to the murders of untold numbers of human beings..."

"I have been an accomplice to the murders of untold numbers of human beings..." One of Hollywood's most notorious screenwriters claims he and Hollywood are partly responsible for the cancer deaths of smokers. Doesn't Hollywood usually claim they are not responsible for their viewers' actions?
posted by Fabulon7 on Aug 9, 2002 - 30 comments

Quit for the kitty?

Quit for the kitty? Dr. Antony Moore knows smokers often won't quit to protect themselves or their children. But he hopes his new study tying second-hand smoke exposure to the most common kind of feline cancer will persuade some people to kick the habit. (via bko)

Remember folks, every time you light up, God kills a...
posted by adampsyche on Jul 31, 2002 - 36 comments

Drug War Roundup III A 70% increase in the price of cigarettes seems to have dropped the teenage smoking rate by 7%. On May 15 you heard the Drug War Czar say anti-drug ads were a flop. He announced a new campaign the next day. San Franciscan test subjects in a medical marijuana study say they're given "low-potency ditch weed." Subjects in a similiar study in Canada say the weed they're given is way too good. Lastly, Canada is debating whether to decriminalize smoking pot on the heels of a committee conclusion that it doesn't lead to hard drug use, committing more crimes or driving fast.
posted by raaka on May 19, 2002 - 16 comments

"aaaah, lovely fags !!"

"aaaah, lovely fags !!" From the smoke filled dreams of Father Ted - "aaaah, lovely fags !!" The age of innocence.
posted by Arqa on May 14, 2002 - 14 comments


THE CITY DOES NOT EMPLOY INDIVIDUALS WHO NOW USE OR HAVE USED TOBACCO PRODUCTS WITHIN THE LAST TWELVE MONTHS. - Is this legal? I myself do not smoke, but it seems dangerous that governments or corporations may be able to refuse to hire you based on something you may legally do on your free time. Is this common? More importantly, is this the start of a very slippery slope?
posted by eas98 on May 7, 2002 - 111 comments

Smoking - A quitters diary.

Smoking - A quitters diary. Recommended reading for those wanting to quit, those who have quit and those lucky people who never started and could do with understanding the 'ordeal' of giving up.
posted by Frasermoo on May 3, 2002 - 76 comments

A judge has ordered a smoker to stop lighting up

A judge has ordered a smoker to stop lighting up at home or in her car if she wants continued visitation rights with her 13-year-old son who has complained about her pack-a-day habit. "Where the child's health is involved," the judge said, "the court would intervene, even if it meant overriding the parents' religious beliefs." Is this in the best interest of the child or an intrusive ruling?
posted by phooey on Mar 26, 2002 - 104 comments

Light up a cigarette in your movie, get an "R" rating!

Light up a cigarette in your movie, get an "R" rating! Under a proposal from this UCSF professor/anti-smoking activist, any movie that shows someone lighting up a cigarette will automatically get an "R" rating.
posted by xochi on Mar 12, 2002 - 36 comments

Obesity Harder on Health Than Smoking

Obesity Harder on Health Than Smoking according to a RAND study of 10,000 adults released today. "The study found that obesity -- linked to health complications including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, strokes and certain cancers -- raises a person's healthcare costs by 36 percent and medication costs by 77 percent. [...] In terms of dollar amounts, the study found that obesity raised healthcare costs by an average of $395 a year, while smoking increased costs by $230 and heavy drinking is associated with a $150 annual increase."
posted by NortonDC on Mar 12, 2002 - 48 comments

File Under "Duh": Hollywood Colluded With Tobacco Giants. You'd think they'd never seen film noir...
posted by solistrato on Mar 11, 2002 - 28 comments

UCSF's Legacy Tobacco Documents Library

UCSF's Legacy Tobacco Documents Library -- a library of formerly secret tobacco industry internal documents -- goes live this week. It's a searchable archive of fifty years of "scientific research, manufacturing, marketing, advertising and sales of cigarettes" including a lot of inadvertently humorous material.
posted by jessamyn on Feb 4, 2002 - 3 comments

Another way to quit smoking,

Another way to quit smoking, or is it just another ploy to make a quick buck? As a smoker, I think this could be a great way to quit, if it actualy works. Are there any other Mi-Fi'ers that are trying to quit smoking?

[Stolen from Fark.com]
posted by SweetJesus on Jan 20, 2002 - 39 comments

If you can smell your neighbor's cigarette smoke, it could cost them $750.

If you can smell your neighbor's cigarette smoke, it could cost them $750.
Man, talk about being conflicted.
posted by NortonDC on Nov 20, 2001 - 228 comments

Nicote-free cigarette from genetically modified tobacco

Nicote-free cigarette from genetically modified tobacco Apparently a company has developed it and they're running taste-tests too, in stores soon. Looks fine for wannabe smoke quitters. You found another way to get rid of cigs ?
posted by elpapacito on Nov 9, 2001 - 41 comments

Smoking creates "indirect positive effects."

Smoking creates "indirect positive effects." A report from tobacco giant Philip Morris concluded that the Czech government saved money because of the "indirect positive effects" of the early deaths of cigarette-smokers. PM makes about 80 percent of the cigarettes smoked in the Czech Republic. Said a Philip Morris spokesman: "Tobacco is a controversial industry, but we are still an industry and sometimes we need some economic data on our industry."
posted by tranquileye on Jul 17, 2001 - 39 comments

Smoker awarded $3 billion in lawsuit. Call me crazy, but, even from an anti-tobacco standpoint, doesn't this strike anyone as a bit excessive?
posted by ed on Jun 6, 2001 - 91 comments

As a struggling ex-smoker, I applaud these people for the effort. But part of me still wonders if Unfiltered (a "reality TV" webshow about 5 teenage smokers) is going to have any impact on teens who smoke.
posted by Reggie452 on May 9, 2001 - 3 comments

is this the beginning of the end

is this the beginning of the end for tobacco companies? an award for damages caused by passive smoking has sparked huge debate here in oz.
posted by cakefork on May 3, 2001 - 15 comments

Important stuff to keep track of on the net, number 18873 in series: the Female Celebrity Smoking List. Ever wondered what movies [insert actress here] smoked in? Did she smoke in real life? What brand? Can you verfiy that "Barry McKenzie Holds His Own"* is a non-cigarette smoking movie? Ever find yourself musing about whether "banana-to-penis is an easier analogy than cigarette-to-penis"? Then you're in luck.
*Which is, not to fork my own thread, a movie starring two guys** named Barry.
**One in drag
posted by rodii on Apr 7, 2001 - 2 comments

Second hand smoke doesn't cause cancer

Second hand smoke doesn't cause cancer I am shocked that an organization would withhold information that is damaging to their cause.
posted by jonny rook on Mar 26, 2001 - 35 comments

Kids' bad habits blamed on movies

Kids' bad habits blamed on movies I too sneered and thought this was going to be another attack on media as the root cause of all problems. But the stats suggest a correlation that should be given some serious thought. Not talking about guns and school shootings but rather smoking and drinking. But then what of dope?
posted by Postroad on Mar 26, 2001 - 16 comments

I know it's all about anti-tobacco, but I still don't get their television commercials. Their website is hella phat, though.
posted by SilentSalamander on Dec 6, 2000 - 43 comments

File under: "Duh!"

File under: "Duh!" "We agree that smoking is addictive and causes disease in smokers," said David Davies, vice president of corporate affairs of Philip Morris Europe.
posted by fraying on Oct 12, 2000 - 21 comments

Smoking tobacco is bad for computers and other living things.

Smoking tobacco is bad for computers and other living things.
posted by Steven Den Beste on Jul 7, 2000 - 3 comments

No wonder my mom got hooked.

No wonder my mom got hooked. My mother turns 70 years old on the 26th of this month. She's smoked since college. It's the only thing that I really bug her about; try to stop. She quit about five years ago for almost a year, then started again. I know she's lonely, living alone, but then when I see ads like the link above, I get a better understanding of the cultural acceptance of smoking that was prevalent when she was in college. I watch her immediately reach for her smokes when she gets out of the car after a ride; is that her body chemistry screaming out for more nicotine? I just know there's a special place in hell for the cigarette executives; a special room where they're forced to watch videos of their own children lighting up for the first time.
posted by marktucker on Jun 1, 2000 - 5 comments

Here are two of the anti-smoking commercials Philip Morris succeeded in getting taken off the air. (News story via Rebecca's Pocket. I'm still looking for the "Body Bags" spot; if you know how I can get it, let me know.)
posted by jjg on Feb 17, 2000 - 6 comments

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