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No Pain, No Gain

The global appeal of the novel has led some fans to hallow it as a classic, but, with all due respect, it is not to be confused with “Madame Bovary.” Rather, Fifty Shades of Grey is the kind of book that Madame Bovary would read.
Anthony Lane reviews Fifty Shades of Grey.
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Soft In The Middle: The Contemporary Softcore Feature in Its Contexts (110 page PDF excerpt) is an academic study of the Softcore Pornography industry by David Andrews, published by Ohio State University Press in 2006. A genre that for all mainstream intents and purposes peaked with Basic Instinct and then died in the early 90's with Body Of Evidence and Color Of Night, the Erotic Thriller has since been relegated to the notoriously erotic Cinemax late night lineup of new series productions like Forbidden Science, Life On Top, and The Girls Guide To Depravity which if nothing else prove that even in todays pornscape of instantly available, free hardcore available anywhere and anytime there remains a place for Softcore.
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Rule 34 Incarnate

Pedal Pumping Porno (Both sort of / not really / but kind of NSFW)
posted by zarq on Apr 19, 2010 - 40 comments

flash meets 1940.

Lana Landis... classy and amazing retro-looking vanity site. [note : flash, some cheesecake, sfw]
posted by crunchland on Dec 9, 2003 - 18 comments

Serious News And Soft Porn: Are They, In Fact, The Same Thing? ;)

All The Nudes That Are Fit To Print: It's no exaggeration to say La Repubblica is Italy's finest newspaper. It's liberal, modern, intelligent and independent. Along with Spain's El Pais; France's Libération and Le Monde; the UK's Guardian; Germany's Die Zeit and Portugal's Público, it's one of the mainstays of the European Left and Centre-Left. And yet its website offers calendars in the, er, Pirelli tradition of time-keeping. Imagine the New York Times being similarly... liberal. Can soft prOn and serious reporting live together? Is it an Italian thing? The only other example I can think of is Spain's Interviú, a magazine which in its heyday mixed superb (again, left-leaning) investigative journalism with politically incorrect - and photographically retouched - tits and ass. (NSFW, obviously, unless you're somewhere in Southern Europe or Louisiana.)
posted by MiguelCardoso on Oct 29, 2003 - 49 comments

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