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“I was robbed of my childhood”

Children are defenseless against abuse. They don’t vote. They don’t organize. They don’t have money to hire lobbyists or spin media campaigns to protect their interests. They don’t have a voice. They rely on adults for protection—and sometimes it’s those same adults who violate their rights. Children of the Tribes is a look at child abuse masked as religious practice in the reclusive and controversial Christian Twelve Tribes sect. Some may find the descriptions of corporal punishment of children at these links disturbing.
posted by zarq on Sep 2, 2015 - 29 comments

Sit on my face and tell me that this parliamentary legislation is wrong

Why were people sitting on other people's faces outside the UK parliament recently? A variety of specific sexual acts were banned from UK-filmed online porn videos under the 2014 Audiovisual Media Services Regulation, which came into effect this month. Protesters say some acts that show women enjoying sex are now banned while similar restrictions do not apply to men. [more inside]
posted by Wordshore on Dec 13, 2014 - 72 comments

Nicholson Reads Kipling

Jack Nicholson reads Kipling's Just So Stories with music by Bobby McFerrin Part 2
posted by Charlemagne In Sweatpants on Jan 11, 2013 - 14 comments

Does Vanilla Equal Not Spanked As A Child

Are spanking fetishes now mainstream sexual behavior or are they an untreated response to childhood trauma? "I think that avoiding raising one's children to be spanking fetishists is a good reason not to spank children. It is not that I view some particular set of sexual semiotics as intrinsically inferior to any other. It is because I believe that at least some forms of spanking fetishism are the direct result of traumatic repression caused by childhood spankings. Hence, to say "don't spank your kids because you might turn them into fetishists" is really just an abbreviated way of saying "don't spank your kids because this can evoke unintegratable emotions of hatred which your child will be forced to repress and which they may then cope with by eroticizing your spankings and spending the rest of their lives feeling frustrated because their pool of available sexual partners is so small, and feeling guilty and ashamed because of how your maltreatment of them made them hate you back when they were helpless and dependent upon you." NSFW previously
posted by Xurando on Nov 11, 2012 - 62 comments

Shouting vs. Spanking

Shouting vs. Spanking -- What should the parent choose?
posted by Taft on Nov 7, 2009 - 103 comments

Jimmy Olsen would be shocked

Secret Identity - The fetish art of Superman's co-creator Joe Shuster.
posted by Artw on Mar 8, 2009 - 44 comments

My father's murder: Taking his life in my hands

"Then I started stripping and cleaning. I told myself it would help sell the flat. How could anyone think of buying it? But I also imagined that if I cleaned long enough and hard enough, the dull patina of dried blood that seemed to cling to every surface would finally go. I hoped that if I emptied the flat of its objects, and pared back its contents to nothing, I would uncover the place that I grew up in, before Ivor was the old man, before he was a legend. I couldn’t find that place, and I didn’t think I would find it in the boxes and among the papers either." David Goldblatt traces his murdered father's life through unpaid bills and unopened letters.
posted by marmaduke_yaverland on Jan 19, 2009 - 19 comments

Some like it, some don't

Massachusetts lawmakers are debating a bill that would ban parents from spanking their children. Meanwhile, Corpun (previously)would like to remind you that it's not just for kids, but hey, we already knew that.
posted by mullingitover on Nov 28, 2007 - 158 comments

Spank Her!

Christian Domestic Discipline: "[W]hen you cook a steak, and use high heat to seer the top, and then try to eat it you will find the steak cold and unsatisfying, just like a woman might feel after a very brief but hard spanking, yes she cried but only out of pain and learned only pain from the spanking. But slowly warming her bottom up, you will be able to spank her longer." Be sure not to miss the Crotchless Pantaloons!
posted by Secret Life of Gravy on May 20, 2007 - 110 comments

New Study Shows Religion is Good for Kids

A newly released Mississippi State University study claims that kids with religious parents are better behaved than other children. Is it the spanking?
posted by Otis on Apr 27, 2007 - 157 comments

Slow and Steady

Kinky Turtle Sex. This short 1:37 video [via YouTube] features two turtles engaged in a very strange form of foreplay before the eventual act of mating. If you listen closely toward the end, you can hear the male really enjoying himself.
posted by inconsequentialist on Mar 8, 2007 - 39 comments

Bad Kitty

Naughty Kitties love their spankings! [YouTube]
posted by CrunchyFrog on Feb 10, 2007 - 73 comments

DCF leader: It's OK to spank

DCF leader: It's OK to spank The man named Thursday by Gov. Jeb Bush to head Florida's notoriously inept child welfare agency is an evangelical Christian who views spanking that causes ''bruises or welts'' as acceptable punishment. In a 1989 essay entitled The Christian World View of the Family, Regier and co-author George Rekers railed against abortion and gay couples forming families, and emphasized that husbands have ``final say in any family dispute.''
posted by bas67 on Aug 17, 2002 - 82 comments

To spank,

To spank, or not to spank? Some parents - including Presidents and Princesses - seem to believe it's one's duty to administer corporal punishment of some sort, whereas others clearly wouldn't even as a last resort. Some, apparently, would leave it to the Webmaster to decide how many times to raise the paddle! If westerners are confused about child disciplinary methods, what about their kids? Or is consistency of approach more important than which side of the philosophical divide you stand on? More inside>>>
posted by dash_slot- on Jun 26, 2002 - 47 comments

Spare the rod and spoil the (1st grade) child... U.S. school violence gets really outta hand!

Spare the rod and spoil the (1st grade) child... U.S. school violence gets really outta hand! Twenty first-grade students went to a hospital yesterday after their substitute teacher went berserk in their Washington Heights classroom, smacking them with a broomstick, pulling their hair and twisting their ears, police said. To paraphrase David Letterman, "what was he thinking of??"
posted by dash_slot- on Jun 15, 2002 - 12 comments

The next supposed Japanese video game craze is about spanking.

The next supposed Japanese video game craze is about spanking. The game is simple, you poke a fake derrier for points. Its stupid fun, yet everytime something odd becomes popular in Japan I have to hear two or three pundits explaining to me why its a social phenomenon and how clever the inscrutable designers are. I find it hard to believe that there isn't simply tasteless marketing, no-brainer toys, and bad ideas in Japan. It seems Wired, and others, can't get enough over-analysis.
posted by skallas on Nov 26, 2001 - 18 comments

It's the Unaspanker!

It's the Unaspanker! Read a good manifesto lately? Meet Robin Whittle, a man who has spent an alarming amount of time on a project called "Fondly and Firmly - The Gentlemanly Art of Spanking the Woman You Love." via cruel.com
posted by gimli on Mar 13, 2001 - 15 comments

nospank.org is an anti-spanking site.

nospank.org is an anti-spanking site. - Now, does this read like a letter to penthouse or am I just sick, sick, sick!?
posted by internook on Jul 18, 2000 - 14 comments

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