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The danger of Lobo basketball

"My child is safer at an organized cockfight than she is at a Lobo basketball game" was one of the comments overheard as New Mexico decided to be one of the two states to allow cockfighting. Reasons to keep cockfighting: Watching the bloody sport causes less emotional stress on children than a college basketball game and It's "part of the state's hispanic culture"
Obviously, the opposition to this mounts, but with Oklahoma and Oregon unable to send the roosters to pasture, is Cockfighting destined to remain on the fringes of America?
posted by RobbieFal on Feb 8, 2003 - 27 comments

Meanwhile in the world of sports, two idiots attacked a Royals coach during a game tonight. At least it wasn't on Fan Appreciation night. Still, what a dark night for Comiskey.
posted by RobbieFal on Sep 19, 2002 - 18 comments

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