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America's Child Marriage Problem

In the United States today, thousands of children under 18 have recently taken marital vows — mostly girls married to adult men, often with approval from local judges. In at least one case, a 10-year-old boy was legally married. [more inside]
posted by melissasaurus on Oct 14, 2015 - 91 comments

Georgia AG insists the sentence was cruel but totally normal

Georgia's Supreme Court has agreed that Genarlow Wilson's 10-year prison sentence without the possibility of parole and accompanying lifetime sex offender status was cruel and unusual. Previously on MeFi. [more inside]
posted by mullingitover on Oct 26, 2007 - 49 comments

Matthew Koso Goes To Jail

Family Values. Today Matthew Koso, 23, was sentenced to 18-30 months in a Nebraska state prison for having consensual sex with his wife, Crystal, 15, notwithstanding the fact that their marriage was legally celebrated in neighboring Kansas. In the photo gallery you can view pictures of the victim of this crime as well as the state's key piece of evidence, who will be without a father for the next year and a half or so. (Previous Mefi thread here. Today's links via How Appealing.)
posted by Saucy Intruder on Feb 7, 2006 - 142 comments

Lousy Nanny State Conservatives

Rape Charge Follows Marriage to a 14-Year-Old [NYTimes] Mr. Koso is 22. The baby's mother, Crystal, is 14. He is charged with statutory rape, even though they were wed with their parents' blessing in May, crossing into Kansas because their own state prohibits marriages of people under 17. The Nebraska attorney general accuses Mr. Koso of being a pedophile; they say it is true love.
posted by psmealey on Aug 30, 2005 - 79 comments

Woman charged with statutory rape

Woman charged with statutory rape When laws collide. They were married too late
posted by Outlawyr on Aug 23, 2000 - 10 comments

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