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sweet land of ...

Secret Police strike again. What country is this, again?
posted by donkeyschlong on Mar 31, 2003 - 63 comments

"Why terrorism works."

"Why terrorism works." In an interview plugging his new book, Alan Dershowitz makes some interesting points and suggests some intriguing solutions vis-a-vis various Current Situations.
posted by donkeyschlong on Sep 12, 2002 - 24 comments

Biden to propose reconstruction if Afghanistan attacked.

Biden to propose reconstruction if Afghanistan attacked. Sounds good to me.
posted by donkeyschlong on Oct 3, 2001 - 13 comments

Does anyone know how to circulate an online petition? That is, to get one rolling? I think we need to urge President Bush to address the nation directly and as soon as possible, beseeching the American public to end the outbreak of violence against their fellow citizens of Arab (or perceived as such) extraction. The worst irony of the WTC terrorism is that angry Americans are now committing acts of terror against other Americans. Yes, Americans.

Maybe it would fall on deaf ears, but it never hurts to try, right? We have to do something.
posted by donkeyschlong on Sep 13, 2001 - 29 comments

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