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Return of the Killer A's

FBI is Casting a Wider Net in Anthrax Attacks "The strain of anthrax used in the attacks has turned out to be more common than was initially believed" and wasn't weaponized, and there's now "an almost endless list of possible suspects in scores of countries around the globe." FBI microbiologist Douglas Beecher wrote an analysis [PDF] that says, "A widely circulated misconception is that the spores were produced using additives and sophisticated engineering supposedly akin to military weapon production." More comments on Beecher's findings from other biologists. [more inside]
posted by kirkaracha on Sep 25, 2006 - 56 comments

Victim of a terrorist attack? Get the last laugh

You know how when someone dies in a terrorist attack, media always publishes their high school or vacation photos? youblewmeupyoubastard.com is there to help. "We'll store a photo of you, giving it large at the terrorists what done you in, and in the event of your body being blown to bits by a suicide bomber, we'll supply your disgusted image to all news services." [via]
posted by mathowie on Sep 16, 2005 - 18 comments

Florida recount abandoned

Florida recount abandoned by major news organizations in the wake of terrorist attacks. I know it's all academic now, but wouldn't this fall under "letting them win"? And did any other news org. report this?
posted by Ty Webb on Oct 12, 2001 - 38 comments

World Trade Center Massacre: Why did it happen and where was god?

World Trade Center Massacre: Why did it happen and where was god?
posted by racer271 on Oct 11, 2001 - 159 comments

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