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Davy Crockett gives good head.

Invincible Defense Technology. When the U.S. developed the nuclear rifle in the 1950s —and then refined the technology with the backpack-sized nuclear weapon in the 1960s— our fate was probably sealed. Karma is a bitch after all, and small-scale nuclear terrorism is seen by many as inevitable. Just like Osama Bin Laden —and Mechano before him— America seems destined to create monsters which will turn against us. Our military's only hope, it seems, is Transcendental Meditation.
posted by If I Had An Anus on Mar 2, 2006 - 23 comments

from democrats to panspermian evolutionists

I knew this post would make me sound like Cassandra, or Chicken Little, or some other made-up freak, but a thinking man ought to pay it mind. All sorts of kind, intelligent (and not crazy) folks are coming to realize pagans are the new black. Suck it, seculars.
posted by If I Had An Anus on Jan 30, 2006 - 55 comments

Wake the dead

Monday Flash Fun
posted by If I Had An Anus on Jun 20, 2005 - 28 comments

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