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"There's the Jamaican bobsled team, so TAKE THAT, stereotypes!"

Black Folk Don’t...” is an open conversation that invites everyone to take a second look at the grey areas between us all, no matter the race, and most importantly to do it with a sense of humor. This documentary web series is a special presentation of BlackPublicMedia.org, directed and produced by Angela Tucker, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Did you know that black folk don't… [more inside]
posted by Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey on Dec 17, 2015 - 14 comments

Tipping point?

NYC restauranteur Danny Meyer is eliminating tips at his 13 restaurants. "Significantly increased" prices will make up the difference. (More from NYTimes.)
posted by ndg on Oct 14, 2015 - 112 comments

"We need to value women’s work and put our money where our mouths are."

Life as a waitress too often means low pay and sexual harassment — When you live paycheck to paycheck, reporting discrimination or harassment becomes complicated. [more inside]
posted by tonycpsu on Oct 4, 2015 - 102 comments

"Part of the job": Sexual harassment in the restaurant industry

This past week, the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United published a report on sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. [more inside]
posted by gemutlichkeit on Oct 9, 2014 - 53 comments

Well, that settles that.

Tip The Pizza Guy is the most exhustive, detailed, old-school website about Tipping and Pizza Delivery I have ever seen. (last seen in 2001 and still being updated.)
posted by The Whelk on Jul 19, 2014 - 59 comments

The complexities of US tipping culture

A completely unscientific survey on tipping in the US service industry.
posted by chainsofreedom on May 30, 2014 - 180 comments

Your feel good link of the day.

Tipping Servers $200 (SLYT)
posted by SkylitDrawl on Sep 20, 2013 - 150 comments

Good Job

In a “third-world” city, a self-styled tour guide might be tipped in return for leading a group of sightseers. In Italy, a Neapolitan street urchin might offer to protect a parked car in return for a gratuity.

In both cases, the inference is clear: if you don’t employ me, I will hurt you. This thinly veiled extortion is the subtext to much tipping: if the propertied individual doesn’t comply with the demands of the semi-employed, something terrible might happen to them or their things. So tipping began essentially as a way to stave off violence by the indigent, forgotten people; it is a social contract adhered to by the privileged class who fear and disdain the less fortunate and are aware of the failure of their own class to create equity.
posted by four panels on Sep 18, 2013 - 42 comments

Keep the change: a restaurant without tips

Jay Porter had two restaurants: one used the normal restaurant business model and one banned tipping servers, which gained national notoriety for a practice that is all but unheard of in the US. Now that the gratuity-free restaurant, The Linkery, is closed, he is writing about the ultimate experience and the reasons for doing it. [more inside]
posted by Kaiverus on Jul 30, 2013 - 54 comments

"I give God 10%; Why do you get 18%"

Waitress whose co-worker scanned uncharitable receipt from Applebee's customer is fired after story goes viral. [more inside]
posted by Kitteh on Jan 31, 2013 - 355 comments

Need a raise? Give away a few mints....

The Rule of Reciprocation: an interesting read for anyone who works for tips, or wonders why your physician is prescribing that particular medication. From NPR "Give And Take: How The Rule Of Reciprocation Binds Us"
posted by HuronBob on Nov 26, 2012 - 13 comments

Tipping: Yay or Nay?

Australian author, John Birmingham, recently visited New York and has written an op-ed piece on the tipping culture in America. He found it strange, given tipping does not exist in Australia but he wondered if Australia should perhaps adopt it, especially if it could provide an increased level of service. However given the oft-discussed troubles with tipping and the somewhat decent base wage in Australia, one might think adopting tipping is probably not a good idea. Even some US businesses are now banning employees from taking tips, so perhaps this form of payment-for-service, described by Birmingham as "an excuse for slavery" will see its end soon.
posted by Effigy2000 on Apr 13, 2011 - 293 comments

Pocketful of dough

Pocketful of dough - an article on where the art of, er, tipping up front can get you. Originally printed in a year 2000 edition of Gourmet. Via Juicy Tidbits.
posted by nthdegx on Oct 10, 2008 - 59 comments

Tipping Point Ahead

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip, an 11-minute animated film about climate change by activist Leo Murray, complete with script with references
posted by criticalbill on Sep 12, 2008 - 9 comments

Climate tipping point

There has been a measurable "surge" of carbon in the atmosphere for the past 4 or 5 years, nearly doubling the annual rate of the 1970-2000 period, which has mystified scientists because it does not match human trends or known natural causes. A new paper (abstract) suggests we may have reached a tipping point with more greenhouse gases escaping from trees, plants and soils than in the past - hotter and dryer weather caused by high levels of CO2 is creating a feedback loop of unusually strong out-gassings of CO2 from vegetation more inside
posted by stbalbach on May 13, 2007 - 41 comments

Tips from behind the counter

The view (with humour) from two people who serve you drinks. One a cocktail waitress in Vegas, the other a bartender in Cincinnati.
posted by tellurian on May 23, 2006 - 62 comments

Shitty Tippers Beware!

The Shitty Tipper Database. Ever undertip, for whatever reason? Did you use a credit card? You could be famous! Or infamous. (via)
posted by frykitty on Jul 25, 2005 - 200 comments


The professor of tipping with tips (pdf) on the age old art of tipping(pdf)
posted by peacay on Apr 10, 2005 - 72 comments

Stiffing the Sopranos

Restaurant Customer Arrested For Tipping Under 18%. Now, we've had discussions about tipping. But I'm not sure that any of us envisioned this.
posted by dejah420 on Sep 13, 2004 - 103 comments

Some Bribes are Legal?

A few tips for the well-heeled gourmand. But I suspect the technologically oriented MetaFilter member will prefer these tips.
posted by EatenByAGrue on Apr 8, 2004 - 10 comments

The Ubiquitous Tip Jar

Why does everyone have a tip jar now? And where do you draw the line when it comes to baiting the jar? Starbucks? Take-out counters? Drive-thrus? How about the girl that takes your money and stamps your hand at a nightclub? While tipping is the economy of an underpaid service industry, it seems the jar itself has gotten out of hand and onto every counter with a dollar already conveniently inside.

If it is appropriate for everyone who performs any kind of public service to be entitled to a tip, why aren't we tossing our coin to police officers, teachers, or flight attendants?
posted by FearTormento on May 12, 2003 - 68 comments

Supreme Court OKs IRS to estimate tips.

Supreme Court OKs IRS to estimate tips. The IRS can now use estimates of employees' tips in its calculations of what businesses owe in payroll taxes (the dreaded FICA), the Supreme Court said yesterday. The estimates of cash tips -- which are nearly impossible to track directly -- can be based on recorded credit card tips. The IRS said they don't plan to audit servers themselves -- but the effect on restaurants could be chilling. "Seven out of 10 restaurants are small businesses, many of which operate with slim margins. Quite frankly, this decision could mean the difference between a restaurant staying in business or closing its doors," said Peter Kilgore, general counsel and senior vice president of operations for the National Restaurant Association in Washington.
posted by me3dia on Jun 18, 2002 - 27 comments

Incredibly detailed pizza delivery etiquette instructions.

Incredibly detailed pizza delivery etiquette instructions. Did you know that you are supposed to tip the driver? If you didn't, would you know how to use a web browser?
posted by machaus on Aug 3, 2001 - 64 comments

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